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  • 1. Capture Aspirations Photography Exhibition

2. 10 youth at risk from Jalan Kukoh rental flat area 3. 2 PhotographersAlan Lim C.S. Ling School of PhotographyNikon Photographer2011 Woman of the YearNikon Photographer 4. 4 Photography sessions:- Street Photography- Nature Photography- Art Photography- Community Photography 5. AisyahSyaqah 6. SaddamHelmi 7. Aspirational Dinner Role Models connect with students MP Lili Neo in the event 8. Next steps - Photography Exhibition, opening in Jalan Kukoh after showing exhibition in other places in Singapore- Poster Campaign -> Selling posters of the pictures of the kids on Cliquefund- Book telling the stories of the participants 9. Printing requirements 40 A3 prints - For campaign with Cliquefund10 A3 prints - For Exhibition30 A4 prints - For Exhibition5 Photo Books for our Stakeholders 10. In return for your support Mention KHL print as supporter of the exhibition- Social Media - Media Coverage - Newsletter to our partners - Mention KHL and Photogenie in M.A.D. School campus and Social MediaFor posters for Cliquefund campaign we will mention KHL as our printing partner on the campaign website, also we send a thanks letter to our buyers signed by the kids photographers. We can mention KHL in that letter too.