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  2. 2. The art of photography and videography are technology driven, they are constantly changing evolving with the advent of new and improved image capture and image editing software and tools. If you are a photography enthusiast or a professional photographer, it is imperative that one keeps track of changing scenarios in the world of photography. For people who are looking to hone their skills in photography/videography to take it to a professional level, then joining a Professional Photography course will set you going on the right track.
  3. 3. Ambitions 4 Photography is a reputed photography training institute for both amateur photographers and professional photographers in the making. Mentored by K.L. Raja Ponsing who is among the most reputed and experienced photographers in Tamil Nadu, the students at Ambitions 4 Photography academy are exposed to various facets of photography, and are given practical exposure to globally emerging trends in photography. In addition the students also have hands on training to handle the most latest hi-tech gadgets manufactured by Cannon and Manfrotto Gitzo. Their focus is on DSLR Digital Photography training and HND Photography training. The academy offers Diplomas in Digital Photography that is recognized by Cannon and EDEXCEL, UK.
  4. 4. Speaking of emerging trends and preferences in Photography, here is a glimpse into the latest buzz around technology enabled photography. Photo/video editing apps technology helps make things appear different better perhaps. There are apps to help capture perfect panorama shots, Storehouse is an app that helps put all your photos into a story-like layout it lets you add titles and text. Litely is another interesting app that adds subtle filters into your photographs giving them a film like finish.
  5. 5. Fully loaded DSLR cameras minus the actual load hi-definition cameras are getting smarter, smaller and lighter with the use of improved technology and light weight materials. A fine example of this technology can be found in Sony NEX5AB DSLR Digital Camera and Olympus PEN E-P2 DSLR Zoom camera. High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) HDR photography basically combines different shots taken with varied exposures across different times which are then put into smart software that converts it into a visual storybook.
  6. 6. Image editing workflow software The photography world is currently dominated by two high end image editing softwares namely Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, both are top notch and give you great image results. Professional Quality Digital Video Video shooting elements are now integrated with Digital Cameras making it easier to videos on the go. Its all in the Zoom Photographers globally are opting to use the user friendly all-in-one super lens to capture hi-definition shots from a distance and with amazing visual effects.
  7. 7. Color Infrared image capture Digital cameras these days come with an amazing feature, the digital infrared image capture technology. The end result is white elements against a colored back-drop simply stunning. Software that helps manipulates colors Color management is an important part of a photographers profile and he/she must be aware of how colors can be improved upon, make brighter, add contrasts and so forth.
  8. 8. Full Frame Digital DSLR cameras are fitted with a 35mm format (36x24 mm) image sensor. This is in contrast to cameras with smaller sensors which are the type of cameras handled by average Joes. Black and White are in the foreground one again Digital cameras help capture amazing images in the black and white context with a greater play on shadows, depth and angles.
  9. 9. Ambitions 4 Photography is a pioneering digital photography training institute in India, with experienced faculty, the right tools, information on leading trends and will help nourish and sharpen your photography skills. For more information on a photography course that is suited to your requirements click on the link here
  10. 10. 2/1079, Bhavani Street, Kakhithapuram,S.Kolathur Pallikaranai Chennai - 600 117 Email: Mobile: +91 9444441190