2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year (9)

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<p>PowerPoint </p> <p>Maasai Olympics DON PINE2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year (9)1</p> <p>PEOPLEMonkey Falls Tas Khatun2</p> <p>Winter horseman Anthony Lau3</p> <p>The Pilgrim Fernando Leal4</p> <p>Moby Dick Ronaldo Andrade5</p> <p>collecting shells Hongning Xu6</p> <p>After the hunt Florian Leidoux7</p> <p>8</p> <p>Holy Palanquin Donghai Xia</p> <p>Wesak day prayers Andrew Ang Yuan Hann9</p> <p>Bathers at Galtaji temple Alberto Pereda10</p> <p>10</p> <p>Content Life Kajan Madrasmail11</p> <p>Easter Celebration Yan Li12</p> <p>Selfie, Selfie, Mom! Eliot Hess13</p> <p>Standing Guard Andrew Peluso14</p> <p>Off to School Matt Leedham15</p> <p>Basotho herders above Tugela Falls Rafael Albuquerque16</p> <p>Alms Giving Prasad AMBATI17</p> <p>Gypsy Soul Akash Das18</p> <p>Mondrian Skyline Dave PaekCITIES19</p> <p>Autumn at Central Park James Bian20</p> <p>this is not a cigarette commercial Jakub Rybicki21</p> <p>The Fog and Mist in Hong Kong Edward Tin22</p> <p>Plaza de Bolvar Clara Zhu23</p> <p>Crowded, action-packed Mumbai Sameer Walzade24</p> <p>Dhaka, The City on Cycle Rickshaws zhen li25</p> <p>The Morning Prayer [Varanasi, India] Arka M.26</p> <p>Tramway in Pyongyang Benjamin Decoin27</p> <p>Intersection Nick Ng28</p> <p>Sydney Opera House Chuang Ko-Min29</p> <p>Divide Kathleen Dolmatch30</p> <p>Another boring looking community! Jassen T.31</p> <p>Silent night Chuang Ko-Min32</p> <p>Prisoner Wing Ka H.33</p> <p>Time doesn't exist Timur Tugalev34</p> <p>Colourful Singapore Beffany Lin35</p> <p>Hailstorm Sweeps Over Toronto Skyline Michael Massie36</p> <p>Lapa WENPENG LU37</p> <p>Varanasi Boatman Kate Cameron38</p> <p>Mt. Bromo Sunrise Eruption Ronald NelsonNATURE39</p> <p>Sunrise at Canyon de Chelly Denny Mosesman40</p> <p>colorful land Xiaoliang Liu41</p> <p>Moonbow Takahiro Takenouchi42</p> <p>Elf in Highland Ho Lam Cheng43</p> <p>Pamukkale - Turkey Andrea Loriga44</p> <p>Theres Something in the Water William Strathmann45</p> <p>Dallol Volcano Yi Sun46</p> <p>Above the Zambezi Philip Nix47</p> <p>The Secret Valley Rafael Albuquerque48</p> <p>Cuillin Morning Stephen Ashworth49</p> <p>Surviving the Storm Charles Turner50</p> <p>Double trapping Massimiliano Bencivenni51</p> <p>A splash of wildebeest Rodney Ee52</p> <p>Cursed Michel Zoghzoghi53</p> <p>Playtime Daisy Gilardini54</p> <p>Etosha National Park, Namibia matthias hauser55</p> <p>55</p> <p>Cows In Colombia Nima Sherpa Green56</p> <p>Traffic jam Zhayynn James57</p> <p>Ring of Fire Pier Mane58</p> <p>Friendly Spyhop Katie Sheppard59</p> <p>Swim with dinosaur Gregory LecoeurMay 31, 2016 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from National Geographic,Internetetc.Music : Kenny Rogers - LucilleTHE END60</p>