17 Essential Photography Tips: How to Take Amazing Photos With Any Camera

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It can seem difficult you take good photos but often just following a few simple steps will dramatically increase the quality of the pictures you take. These 17 photo tips can be used with any camera and will improve your results instantly. Some are well known photography tips while other encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you. See the full list with detailed descriptions at http://http://blog.kagoo.com/photography-tips/ and get 3 bonus tips!


1. 17 Essential Photography Tips:How to Take Amazing Photos With AnyCamera 2. #1 Keep your camera with you at all times#2 Be bold 3. Get Closer 4. #4 - Apply the Rule of Thirds 5. #5 Frame Your Subject 6. #6Consider both portraitand landscapeorientation 7. #7 - Watch the horizon 8. #8 - Play with the light 9. #9 Add foreground interest 10. 10 Use leading lines in your composition#11 - Experiment &break the rules 11. #12 Keep it simple#13 Bring a tripod 12. #14 Experiment with filters 13. #15 Freeze time 14. #16 - Control depth of field with aperture 15. #17 - Use ISO settings to maximum effect 16. See detailed descriptions&Get 3 Bonus points on theKagoo Blog:17 Essential Photography Tips: How to TakeAmazing Photos With Any Camera


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