Wonderful rome segway tour for a memorable holiday

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  • Wonderful Rome Segway Tour for a Memorable HolidayPresented By - www.SegwayFunRome.comThroughout the ages, a thousand roads lead to Rome.

  • IndexRome is one of the top visited destinations in Europe. When people thinks about the family holiday, Rome is the perfect destination. You can learn history, you can see ancient engineering and world famous painting, artworks etc. You can refresh your mind on the seashore of Rome and you can taste famous Italian dishes. A Rome segway tour give you everything that you want. So, why are you waiting? let's go for a perfect holiday.Have a look at some favorite places of Rome.

  • Trevi FountainThis wonderful baroque structure is one of the most visited sites in Rome. Several Hollywood films background was this Trevi fountain.

  • St. Peters BasilicaIt is the largest church in the world and it was designed by several famous artist like Michelangelo, Donato Bramante, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Carlo Maderno. It is said that this church is holiest churches in the world.

  • ColosseumColosseum is a massive brick structure in Rome. About 50,000 spectetors can enjoy entertainment at a time. Near about 5 million people come to see this ancient structure every year.

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