Why A Central Florida Vacation Tops The List Of Getaways For Canadian Travelers

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Not to be outdone, Canada, our neighbors to the north, have also embraced the Central Florida vacation experience. Recent tourist trending shows that planning an international excursion to Polk County takes little effort and promises a huge return in excitement and adventure.

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  • 1. Why A Central Florida Vacation Tops the List Of Getaways For Canadian Travelers Presented by the Central Florida Visitors And Convention Bureau http://www.VisitCentralFlorida.org/
  • 2. Stateside Tourists Know What To Expect From A Central Florida Vacation Beautiful, balmy climates in every season. Gorgeous scenery and wildlife. Opportunity for adventure at every turn.
  • 3. Canadians Have Also Discovered Polk CountyNot to be outdone, Canada, our neighbors to the north, havealso embraced the Central Florida vacation experience.Recent tourist trending shows that planning an internationalexcursion to Polk County takes little effort and promises a hugereturn in excitement and adventure.A trip to Polk County and the many Central Florida attractionslocated there tops the list of getaways for Canadian travelers.
  • 4. New Travel Conveniences Offer Easy Accessibility The Lakeland region provides an ideal location for implementing the hub and spoke concept for tourists journeying from Canada. No longer must Canadian travelers suffer inconvenient travel routes with extended stops and layovers. Todays international visitors can enjoy modern traveling conveniences to diffuse the difficulty of journeying to Polk County.
  • 5. Canadians Fly Direct On Direct AirDirect Air now offers daily direct flights fromthe New York side of Niagara Falls toLakeland, Florida.The airline will also provide a nonstop airoption from Plattsburgh, NY beginning inNovember 2011.Originating airports are extremely close to the Canadian border forconvenience and easy accessibility.Both flights are reasonably priced and can have passengers enjoying aCentral Florida vacation in just a few short hours.
  • 6. Accommodations To Meet Every Requirement Canadian travelers in any group size will enjoy the outstanding lodging and comforts offered to Polk County visitors. The region provides a wide variety of accommodation venues to satisfy distinctive tastes and requirements.International visitors seeking a relaxed bed and breakfast or reputable chainhotel can find it here.RV parks, vacation rental homes, campgrounds and even an authentic duderanch can be enjoyed on a Central Florida vacation.Canadian visitors will enjoy Polk Countys high quality amenities.
  • 7. Next Up: Fill The ItineraryOrganizing the details for thetravel schedule proves an easy featon a Central Florida vacation fortravelers hailing from anywhere.Central Florida vacations aboundin this district of the Sunshine State.Knowing some must see venues can help simplify theplanning process.
  • 8. Bok Tower GardensLocated in Lake Wales, Bok Tower Gardens has been hailedinternationally as a spot of beauty second to none in the country.Offers visitors complete access to some of the worlds most elaborateand breathtaking garden vistas. The park also houses natural wildlife creatures and ecosystems in conservation lands accessible to visitors. Singing tower carillon concerts showcase this architectural masterpiece.
  • 9. Fantasy Of FlightThrill seekers from every country willwant to flock to Fantasy of Flight.Offers visitors the option to take abiplane ride or a hot air balloon ridefor ultimate adrenaline adventures.Host of other high octane activities including car shows, aerialdemonstrations and the annual Roar n Soar event in November.Be sure to check out the Legends And Legacies symposium.
  • 10. Outdoor Adventures Canadian nature and sporting enthusiasts will also find a host of activities to enjoy on a Central Florida vacation. Rare indigenous wildlife and bird watching opportunities are available virtually everywhere. More than 550 lakes in this region offer a host of water sports and activities, as well as ideal fishing conditions. 35 gorgeous and beautifully maintained golf courses.
  • 11. LEGOLAND FloridaSlated to open October 15, 2011 inWinter Haven, LEGOLAND Floridais one of the areas ultimate CentralFlorida attractions.LEGOLAND Florida is a familyfriendly theme park and is a must see.Spend the day enjoying the more than 50 rides, shows,attractions, restaurants and shops.An ideal destination for children ages 2 to 12 and theirfamilies!
  • 12. Central Florida Visitors And Convention Bureau VisitCentralFlorida.org is the go to source for current information on sights, venues and events to consider when planning a Central Florida vacation. Central Florida Visitors And Convention Bureau has recently debuted a new vacation guide featuring LEGOLAND Florida and a host of other exciting, family friendly activities. To order a copy of the new vacation planner, click on VisitCentralFlorida.org, or e-mail us at info@visitcentralflorida.org.