Visitumea - MICE Presentation 2016

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Welcome to ume!If Sweden was a person, Ume would be the heart

sub arctic sweden

We love our summers butin winters we trust!


6 minutes from Ume airport to city center with bus or taxi.Walking distance between all hotels, conference venues, shopping and culture arenas.


accommodation.1465 hotel rooms3000 beds

Worlds best new boutique hotel 2014

3000 bddar, 1465 rooms5


Birds nests in the trees

Eat & drink.10 national award winning restaurantsImpressive bar culture 4 micro breweries


Eat & drink.

Top 10 coolest restaurant in the world 2015. The Guardian


Top modern or classical meeting and event venues

European capital of culture 2014.

World class art.

Best design school in Europe and America.Sculpture parkCentre for contemporary artVsterbottens museum - regional heritage

Guitars the museum

Best guitar collection in the world. A world unique venue!

The world famous Guitars Museum holds a unique collection of electric guitars, including those missing from both Fender and Gibsons own guitar collections. Here you will hear the story of the two Ume twins who collected over 300 guitars played by .. Told by the twins themselves. This is a perfect venue for an exclusive dinner12

Meet the future in ume.

37 000 students (120 000 inhabitants in total)Leading technical innovation, science & education environmentSliperiet - a new space for makers and thinkers.The only Fab Lab in Sweden is located in Ume

Sliperiet, an old wood mill - which houses the Media Lab, the Interaction Institute, the FabLab, the HumLab and the newly opened SoftLab - has 3D printers which can print the size of a car. As we are speaking they are developing a full size 3D-printer to be able to print full size housesnew material made from cellulose waste from the forest industry..13

Ngonting frn Krister

Nature & adventure. Always close.

As I mentioned, nature and adventure is just around the corner. you have all different kinds of outdoor activities to choose from, snow mobile safaries, quad trips, dog sleding, take a hot bath ourdoors when it is dark and hope that you get to see the amazing northern lights.14

10 reasons to come to umeNew, rather unknown destinationExcellent communicationsWalking distance to everything (including airport )High quality hotelsVibrant bar & restaurant cultureInspiring meeting venuesWorld unique culture venuesLeading technical innovation, science & education environmentNature & adventure around the cornerWe are nice people & easy to get to know!

As you see, there are numerous reasons to visit us in Ume, we have a world class destination with something for everyone.15

Welcome to ume!