Visiting wollongong for a memorable holiday

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Popular as a geographical playground, New South Wales is an ideal Australian destination for the adventure seekers.


  • 1. Visiting Wollongong for a Memorable HolidayPopular as a geographical playground, NewSouth Wales is an ideal Australiandestination for the adventure seekers. Witha choice of activities to pursue in thebackdrop of a myriad of picturesquelandscapes, tourists flock to this region forwhale watching, bushwalking, cycling,surfing, diving, skiing and canyoning.While you are planning a trip to New SouthWales, also make it a point to plan a stay inthe llawarra region, in the city ofWollongong. Bordering Sydney, this city isessentially a coastal plain sandwichedbetween an escarpment and the ocean.Things to Do in Wollongong1. If you are making a trip to this region in summer, make the most of the 17 surf beaches. If youhave opted for a car hire in Wollongong, you can also get access to the free foreshore parkingspaces. The North Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city. In addition to this, youcan choose between the City (South) Beach, Austinmer Beach, Towradgi Beach.2. If you are on a self driven holiday in Australia, do not miss a drive through the Bulli Pass thatoffers some of the most picturesque views. With a number of lookout points en route, you caneven plan a barbecue or picnic at any one of these locations. The most famous lookout of all isthe Sublime point that has the best view.3. Take a hike up Mount Keira for some more spectacular views. Visiting during the night is amagical experience worth considering.4. Besides the regions natural wonders, Wollongong also offers a sneak peek into the culture and

2. history of the region. Visit the BHP Australian Flying Museum or the Science Centre andPlanetarium for enlightening experiences.5. Also make time for the biggest Buddhist Temple, the Nan Tien in the Southern Hemisphere.This structure has received a number of awards for its architectural lightening, design andgardening.Planning a Self Drive Holiday to WollongongIf you truly wish to explore Wollongong in all its glory, make it a point to rent a car on your upcomingtrip. With a number of experiences that are only accessible with a car, renting one can allow you tocome back with some rather unconventional memories.Furthermore, renting a car gives you a chance to bond with your travel group a lot more. It is ideal toplan a self driven holiday if you are vacationing with your family or with a large group of friends.Renting a car while in Wollongong also adds a level of convenience and comfort to your travels. With achance to explore the city at your own pace, you can come back with memories that will last you alifetime!