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  1. 1. Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages to experiences activities for all the Family Encompassing, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Thiland and Burma, Luxury Travel Vietnam has a huge selection of Luxury trips to choose from, many of which are
  2. 2. ideal for adventurous families. Get beneath the surface of these intriguing countries and find out which exciting activities are on offer, from Holiday packages to multi country traveling throughout the Indochina Peninsula. Here are just some of the fun and authentic family experiences available when on Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages Vietnam Known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with an incredible cultural heritage. Make the most of its exotic nature and go swimming and kayaking in Halong Bay, known for its emerald water and thousands of towering limestone islands, topped with rainforest. For a more demanding experience, try caving in Phong Nha-K Bng National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will dive into water holes, balance on bamboo bridges and scramble over rocks. Head into Ct Tin National Park and visit the wildlife sanctuaries, which take care of gibbons, bears and endangered Siamese crocodiles Vietnam and Cambodia Family Packages which includes visiting Vietnam and the Cambodia in a cruise through the spectacular Halong Bay, Hue, south Vietnam such as Ho chi minh city and the Mekong delta and way to siem reap and the Angkor wat temples, the trip costs from US$ 6,332 for two weeks Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages. Tour includes domestic flights, boat trips and 13 night DELUXE accommodations.
  3. 3. Cambodia With its orange-robed monks, hidden Khmer temples, lush rice paddies and delicious coconut curries, Cambodia is a small country with a big soul. Follow in the steps of Lara Croft, and explore Ta Prohm, a jungle-clad Angkor wat temples in Siem reap, which featured in the 2001 action film, Tomb Raider. Walk with elephants at the Mondulkiri Project, opened in 2013 to protect wild animals from poachers and the forests from logging. Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages to the supremely mellow riverside town of Kratie, to experience some of the best Mekong sunsets in Cambodia and perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare Irrawaddy dolphin, too. With a carefully designed tour packages Cambodia, where families can explore the remarkable temples of Angkor and explore the cruising in Tonle Sap River with private dining with Khmer music and culture performances. In Addition, there are many other activities that could be arranged and planned for all the members of family, for example when in Ho Chi Minh City your kids could enjoy the water park with a lot of exciting water games, Or taking a trip that allow you to cruise the Mekong delta and cross into Cambodian side. Luxury Travel Vietnam An award winning tour operator with more than a decade of experience, local knowledge and world-wide prestige that can be your best local travel agent in Vietnam, Laos and whole Indochina, we plan, arrange and conduct your Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages and taking care of all aspects of
  4. 4. your trip. Come with us and let us share our love of Vietnam and Cambodia together. For more information visit: