Trekking in nepal in 2016

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Trekking in Nepal in 2016

Trekking in Nepal in 2016

Nepal is a trekker's paradise. The on foot journey across rivers, battling through the Stoney lush green uphill and shaking hands with the highest snowy mountains is what Nepal's geography has to offer endlessly.

If you are a trekker, it is a matter of paramount importance to make sure you squeeze in Nepal to your travel list.

How to choose a trek in Nepal?

No of DaysSeason Level of DifficultyOrganized & Unorganized

1. No. of DaysShort Trek: 5 to 10 DaysMedium Trek: 10 to 20 DaysLong Trek: 20+ Days

2. SeasonsFebruary to MaySeptember to November

3. Level of Difficultyi. Easy treksAltitude: 2000- 3000 meters.Walking hours per day: 2-5 hoursAscend: 200 to 400 metersLevel of risk: little or no risk of altitude sicknessii. Moderate treksAltitude: 3000- 4000 metersWalking hours per day: 4- 7 hoursAscend: 600- 1000 metersLevel of risk: little risk of altitude sicknessiii. Strenuous treksThese treks are challenging ones. One may get to pass across high passes. The walking trails are very rugged and it incorporates many uphill and downhills.Altitude: 4000- 5000 metersWalking hours per day: 6- 8 hoursAscend: 300- 400 metersLevel of risk: chances of altitude sickness and risky pathiv. Difficult TreksAltitude: 5000 Meters + Only For World class Experience trekkersEncompasses very high Passes.

The weather can get windy, change frequently and is extremely cold.The trails are very rugged and risky. Also, there is very high possibility of altitude sickness and landslides.

4. Organized a & Unorganized Tea house Trekking in Nepal

Tea house are the small hotels/ eateries found in the local villages that offer accommodation and home cooked meals.

Camping Trekking in Nepal

Camping trekking has to be done as there is no accommodation & eateries available close by.

Documents Required in Nepal Trekking

TIMS (Trekker's Information Management System) card

Required by all the people who plan to trek in Nepal. This document helps to ensure safety and control illegal trekking operations. It includes the information about the date of the trip, the itinerary and a contact number.

Trekking Permit

Important document which is required to travel to Heritage sites, National Parks, protected and restricted areas.

Essential trekking equipment Checklist

Good trekking shoesDown JacketMap (mobile/ hard print)WaterSunglassesTorchMulti knifeTrousersBasic Medical KitSleeping bag and a tentGlovesFood and energy bars

8 best trekking destinations in Nepal

EverestLangtang RegionKanchanjungaMuguDolpaAnnapurna RegionHumlaThe Great Himalayan Trail

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