Travel tuscany for the unforgettable italian holidays

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A visit to Tuscany opens a room to numerous attractions, hiking-biking tours, sightseeing tours, and to a plethora of other active excursions.


  • 1. Travel Tuscany for the Unforgettable Italian Holidays A visit to Tuscany opens a room to numerous attractions, hiking-biking tours, sightseeing tours, and to a plethora of other active excursions. And the best way to soak up all is to rent an appartamento toscana (Tuscan apartment), villa or a country house and get around the region at your pace with the ultimate comfort possible.Top Attractions & Things to do in Tuscany, Italy Wine Sampling The colourful hills and wineries adorned by cypress trees are stretched miles long in Tuscany creating an ultimate feast for your eyes. The owners of vineyards are warm and welcoming; they often invite visitors to enjoy their finest quality of Tuscan wines. The best region for wine sampling is Chianti; here you will find a good selection of exclusive wine tasting tours. Golf Courses With rolling green hills and landscapes, Tuscany seems like a paradise for golfers. The region is home to many popular golf courses in Italy. Moreover, thanks to its mild weather, it is suitable to play golf in Tuscany throughout the year. Biking Tours

2. Biking tours in Tuscany is the best way to soak up the breathtaking scenery and explore the stunning countryside of the region at your leisure. While biking through the incredibly beautiful Tuscan countryside, you will come across a plethora of natures delights including vineries, olive groves, wheat fields, forests, sunflower farms, and many small towns and cities showing off a great wealth of history and culture.Walking on foot Tuscany sees a big herd of travellers every year. However, very few choose to go out for hiking tours. Its strange, as Tuscany is a perfect place for bushwalking. You can easily walk from one village to another and explore the unrivalled diversity of the landscapes at a slow pace. Besides exploring new villages and soaking up the different scenery every day, walking tours in Tuscany will bring you peace and tranquility. The spring and autumn are the best seasons to go for hiking tours in Tuscany. Temperatures can rise up to 35 degrees Celsius in summer. If you are visiting Tuscany in these days, then it is recommended to start walking in the early morning, take a 3. break in the afternoon, and again start bushwalking the region in the evening. Just carry three things with you a camera, a bottle of water and some snacks. Cooking Holidays When it comes to food and wine, Tuscany is the king of Italy. The picturesque town of Greve in Chianti region of Tuscany is a Mecca for wine-lovers. Here you can sample a plethora of finest wines and browse some of the best food shops in Europe. Cooking holds a very important place in Tuscans lives. The traditional Tuscan cuisine is famous all across the world. The ingredients that are produced locally along with the use of top quality crops contribute in creating the most taste-tingling and highly nutritious meals found in the world. If you want to experience the pleasure of learning Tuscan cooking, there are many agencies there to guide you and help you choose a cooking course for your trip to Tuscany. Farmhouse rentals and ville Toscana (Tuscany villas) offers an ideal gateway to the most authenticate flavours of Tuscany. So, when are you travelling Tuscany?