Travel tips for best holiday experience in india

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<ul><li><p>Travel Tips For Best Holiday Experience In India</p><p>Indian is a colorful country and you can know about its history, heritage and culture during your visitto the place. If you are planning your next vacation here then these tips will surely make your tripmemorable for lifetime.</p><p>1.Proper planning will help you save lot of money. Make sure to book your tickets early. There aremany travel websites offering cheap flights to India. You can check out the different deal anddiscounts they are offering and grab the best one to save money. </p><p>2.Indian is a country blessed with natural beauty, but climate is one thing that you must take intoconsideration when planning your trip. Indian plains are perfect for exploring from November toMarch, whereas if you are planning to capture the mountainous beauty of Indian then make sure tobook your tickets during the months starting from April to October.</p><p>3.Always carry your passport and visa along when travelling. By chance if any of your importantdocuments gets misplaced then do not forget to notify the local embassy for assistance.</p><p>4.If you are planning to shop, then make sure to do some research and know about the local marketsin India. Enough information will help you get the finest stuff at best price.</p><p>5. If you are planning to visit more than two, three states in India, then book tickets accordingly. Ifthe distance between the places is not too much, then you can travel using other transportation likerail or bus service or book air tickets accordingly. When browsing for cheap flights to India check forlocal deals too.</p><p>6.You will find sufficient means of transport like auto rickshaw, buses and taxis in most of the cities inIndia, but if you are planning to drive on your own, then do not forget to carry your driving license.</p><p></p></li></ul>