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Travel adventure holidays with mountaineering, rock climbing, adventure holiday with trekking, skiing, skating & water adventure like river rafting, canoeing & kayaking. Book now

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  • Rediscover India is a locally integrated company registered to carry tours and travel business. Our services packaged in the OneStop-Travel-Shop concept, provide clients with a single contact point for all travel related needs. We are committed to giving customers the best in travel services.

Day 01: Arrive Delhi Day 02: Delhi Leh Day 03: Leh Day 04: Leh Lamayuru Day 05: Lamayuru Wanla Day 06: Wanla Hanupatta Day 07: Hanupatta Photoskar Day 08: Photoskar - Foot Of Sengge La Day 09: Foot Of Sengge La Lingshed Day 10: Lingshed Day 11: Lingshed Snertse Day 12: Snertse Hanumil Day 13: Hanumil Pishu Day 14: Pishu Karsha Day 15: Karsha Padum Day 16: Padum Mune Day 17: Mune Ichar Day 18: Ichar Purne Day 19: Purne - Phuktal Purne Day 20: Purne - Table Day 21: Table - Gumburanjon Camp Day 22: Gumburanjon Camp - Shingo La - Ramjak Day 23: Ramjak - Pass Camp Day 24: Pass Camp - Darcha Day 25: Darcha - Manali Day 26: Manali Day 27: Manali - Delhi Day 28: Departure Delhi