Top ten u.s. summer adventure travel deals

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  • Top Ten U.S. Summer Adventure Travel Deals

    With 3,790,000 square miles of diverse environments, incredible landscapes and sophisticated

    urban centers, the good old United States has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a wonderful summer

    vacation, whether you live in or out of the country. Just because the economy is in trouble doesn't mean

    you can't explore what it has to offer! Let's take a look at the best deals around for adventure

    travel within the United States.

    Top Five Multi-Day Adventure Travel Deals in the United States

    1. Alaskan Vacation: Kenai Peninsula

    Alaska has some of the U.S.'s most beautiful landscapes, and

    the Kenai Peninsula is perhaps the cream of the proverbial

    crop. From sea kayaking in Kachemak Bay to hiking in

    Harding Ice field, you're sure to have the experience of a

    lifetime in this hands-on, all-out tour de force through

    America's most extreme state. Experience Hope, AK's gold-

    rush charm, cruise beside glaciers in Kenai Fjords National

    Park, and more on this intense one-week adventure travel.

    2. San Francisco to Seattle

    Some of the most beautiful country in the U.S. is just north of

    Frisco, and that's where you'll be going on this one-week road

    trip. You'll explore the wilds of Northern California, Oregon

    and Washington State, stopping by in Mendocino, CA and

    Redwood National Park. Hike through Crater Lake's highlights,

    ride dune buggies through Oregon's National Recreational

    Area, visit Mt. St. Helens and Alcatraz. This is sure to be a

    fantastic trip, so book now while there's still space!

    3. USA & Canada - Beginner's Trek

    Take a trip through the Northeast, through New York, D.C. and

    Philadelphia, through the storied streets of American history.

    Then, proceed on to Niagara Falls and into Canada. You'll stop

    by at Algonquin Provincial Park, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto

    and more before returning to the States and visiting Boston,

  • Plymouth Rock and Cape Cod. For anyone who's always wanted to see the Northeast, this is clearly the

    trip you've been waiting for!

    4. Hiking Yosemite & Canyons

    Yosemite is certainly one of the world's most incredible

    environments, and is a must for anyone serious about

    experiencing the real America. This 12-day adventure

    travel will take you through not only the National Park, but

    through the Grand Canyon's epic heights, Death Valley's bleak

    vistas, and the Sierra Nevada's spectacular scenery. It's truly,

    genuinely, the trip of a lifetime.

    5. Experience America Westbound

    If you're up for a huge adventure, why not head across

    the entire United States? This guided tour will walk you

    through every step of the way, on a 3-week adventure

    travel through the most iconic American landscapes. See the

    facade of Mt. Rushmore, ascend to the top of Willis Tower,

    witness the bubbling geysers of Yellowstone's Old Faithful and

    more on this odyssey of Roosevelt-esque proportions.

    Top Five Day-Trip Adventure Travel Deals in the United States

    1. Circle of Fire Helicopter Tour

    If you're already visiting Hawaii this summer, you absolutely

    must tour Kilauea; if you're not visiting Hawaii, you really

    ought to reconsider! Kilauea is the longest continuously

    erupting volcano in the world. From your comfortable aerial

    vantage point, you'll see black sand beaches, extraordinary lava

    flows, stunning rock formations, tropical rain forests and

    gorgeous waterfalls. It's truly a trip you'll never forget!

  • 2. Kipahulu Horseback Tour

    See Maui from a perspective rare in this fast-paced modern

    world: on horseback! After a traditional Pule ("Prayer"), your

    native Hawaiian Alaka ' I ("Guide") and Kaka ' O ("Guide-

    Apprentice") will lead your group through back

    country Hawaiian trails. Here, you'll witness firsthand the

    authentic, natural beauty of the island. Don't forget to pack a

    lunch and take your bathing suit for after-ride beach fun!

    3. Upper Colorado River Scenic Float

    Ahh, the Colorado. At once unforgettable and inviting, the

    River beckons you to float down its gentle eddies. On this trip,

    you'll drift slowly down an easy section of the Colorado, capped

    off with some very gentle rapids. This calm, easy day-trip is

    suitable for the whole family, with a minimum weight

    requirement of 30 lbs. Sunbathe, swim, and simply have fun!

    4. Forbidden Coast Snorkel Adventure

    Another Hawaiian adventure travel! On this trip you'll

    snorkel through La Perouse Bay and swim with Hawaiian

    Spinner Dolphins, before travelling to Molokini Crater for

    further underwater fun! Visibility at Molokini often surpasses

    an incredible 180 feet, and you'll be able to witness the

    secluded Molokini Crater Wall in all its beauty. After you

    snorkel the Forbidden Coast, you'll have gone where very few

    non-natives have ever ventured before.

    5. Newport Beach Whale Watching

    If you're in the mood for an easygoing cruise, this Whale

    Watching Tour out of Newport Beach might just be

    the adventure travel you've been looking for. Newport Beach

    is right on a major migration path, so you're sure to see at least

    half a dozen whales in only two hours, and perhaps even more!