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<ul><li><p>Top Ten U.S. Summer Adventure Travel Deals </p><p>With 3,790,000 square miles of diverse environments, incredible landscapes and sophisticated </p><p>urban centers, the good old United States has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a wonderful summer </p><p>vacation, whether you live in or out of the country. Just because the economy is in trouble doesn't mean </p><p>you can't explore what it has to offer! Let's take a look at the best deals around for adventure </p><p>travel within the United States. </p><p>Top Five Multi-Day Adventure Travel Deals in the United States </p><p>1. Alaskan Vacation: Kenai Peninsula </p><p>Alaska has some of the U.S.'s most beautiful landscapes, and </p><p>the Kenai Peninsula is perhaps the cream of the proverbial </p><p>crop. From sea kayaking in Kachemak Bay to hiking in </p><p>Harding Ice field, you're sure to have the experience of a </p><p>lifetime in this hands-on, all-out tour de force through </p><p>America's most extreme state. Experience Hope, AK's gold-</p><p>rush charm, cruise beside glaciers in Kenai Fjords National </p><p>Park, and more on this intense one-week adventure travel. </p><p>2. San Francisco to Seattle </p><p>Some of the most beautiful country in the U.S. is just north of </p><p>Frisco, and that's where you'll be going on this one-week road </p><p>trip. You'll explore the wilds of Northern California, Oregon </p><p>and Washington State, stopping by in Mendocino, CA and </p><p>Redwood National Park. Hike through Crater Lake's highlights, </p><p>ride dune buggies through Oregon's National Recreational </p><p>Area, visit Mt. St. Helens and Alcatraz. This is sure to be a </p><p>fantastic trip, so book now while there's still space! </p><p>3. USA &amp; Canada - Beginner's Trek </p><p>Take a trip through the Northeast, through New York, D.C. and </p><p>Philadelphia, through the storied streets of American history. </p><p>Then, proceed on to Niagara Falls and into Canada. You'll stop </p><p>by at Algonquin Provincial Park, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto </p><p>and more before returning to the States and visiting Boston, </p></li><li><p>Plymouth Rock and Cape Cod. For anyone who's always wanted to see the Northeast, this is clearly the </p><p>trip you've been waiting for! </p><p>4. Hiking Yosemite &amp; Canyons </p><p>Yosemite is certainly one of the world's most incredible </p><p>environments, and is a must for anyone serious about </p><p>experiencing the real America. This 12-day adventure </p><p>travel will take you through not only the National Park, but </p><p>through the Grand Canyon's epic heights, Death Valley's bleak </p><p>vistas, and the Sierra Nevada's spectacular scenery. It's truly, </p><p>genuinely, the trip of a lifetime. </p><p>5. Experience America Westbound </p><p>If you're up for a huge adventure, why not head across </p><p>the entire United States? This guided tour will walk you </p><p>through every step of the way, on a 3-week adventure </p><p>travel through the most iconic American landscapes. See the </p><p>facade of Mt. Rushmore, ascend to the top of Willis Tower, </p><p>witness the bubbling geysers of Yellowstone's Old Faithful and </p><p>more on this odyssey of Roosevelt-esque proportions. </p><p>Top Five Day-Trip Adventure Travel Deals in the United States </p><p>1. Circle of Fire Helicopter Tour </p><p>If you're already visiting Hawaii this summer, you absolutely </p><p>must tour Kilauea; if you're not visiting Hawaii, you really </p><p>ought to reconsider! Kilauea is the longest continuously </p><p>erupting volcano in the world. From your comfortable aerial </p><p>vantage point, you'll see black sand beaches, extraordinary lava </p><p>flows, stunning rock formations, tropical rain forests and </p><p>gorgeous waterfalls. It's truly a trip you'll never forget! </p></li><li><p>2. Kipahulu Horseback Tour </p><p>See Maui from a perspective rare in this fast-paced modern </p><p>world: on horseback! After a traditional Pule ("Prayer"), your </p><p>native Hawaiian Alaka ' I ("Guide") and Kaka ' O ("Guide-</p><p>Apprentice") will lead your group through back </p><p>country Hawaiian trails. Here, you'll witness firsthand the </p><p>authentic, natural beauty of the island. Don't forget to pack a </p><p>lunch and take your bathing suit for after-ride beach fun! </p><p>3. Upper Colorado River Scenic Float </p><p>Ahh, the Colorado. At once unforgettable and inviting, the </p><p>River beckons you to float down its gentle eddies. On this trip, </p><p>you'll drift slowly down an easy section of the Colorado, capped </p><p>off with some very gentle rapids. This calm, easy day-trip is </p><p>suitable for the whole family, with a minimum weight </p><p>requirement of 30 lbs. Sunbathe, swim, and simply have fun! </p><p>4. Forbidden Coast Snorkel Adventure </p><p>Another Hawaiian adventure travel! On this trip you'll </p><p>snorkel through La Perouse Bay and swim with Hawaiian </p><p>Spinner Dolphins, before travelling to Molokini Crater for </p><p>further underwater fun! Visibility at Molokini often surpasses </p><p>an incredible 180 feet, and you'll be able to witness the </p><p>secluded Molokini Crater Wall in all its beauty. After you </p><p>snorkel the Forbidden Coast, you'll have gone where very few </p><p>non-natives have ever ventured before. </p><p>5. Newport Beach Whale Watching </p><p>If you're in the mood for an easygoing cruise, this Whale </p><p>Watching Tour out of Newport Beach might just be </p><p>the adventure travel you've been looking for. Newport Beach </p><p>is right on a major migration path, so you're sure to see at least </p><p>half a dozen whales in only two hours, and perhaps even more! </p></li></ul>