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<ul><li><p> Top ten things to do in London </p><p>London is a world of its own, with literally thousands of incredible activities with family and </p><p>friends for a day out. The first time visitor to London finds that he carries a particularly big list of </p><p>must-sees, for London is steeped in ancient history and brimming with modern exhibition. Its </p><p>large and diverse, and getting around isnt cheap nor swift. A journey from southwest to </p><p>northeast, even within Londons central zone, one may take an hour or more to move from one </p><p>spot to another. </p><p>If youre struggling to decide what to do in London, and looking for the best places to visit, this </p><p>guide to London tourist attractions, museums, theme parks and other activities in and around </p><p>London with Family and friends available in the city will help you to plan a great day out in </p><p>London. We picked out some of the best things to do in London. </p><p>Visit Big Ben </p><p>Most of the People are surprised to know that Big Ben is not just Landmark Clock of London which </p><p>adjoins Palace of Westminster. Now the Palace is better known as Houses of Parliament. It is </p><p>actually the name of the largest of the five bells which Hang within the famous Clock tower. It is </p><p>worlds largest Chiming Clock with four faces. What other can be better to start your day out in </p><p>London rather than Big Ben? </p><p></p></li><li><p>Stroll Through St. James Park </p><p>London is known for its Royal Parks, Which beautify the city with greenery and nature and provide </p><p>respite from the busy city life. None offers as much as St. James Park, located just a short walk </p><p>from Buckingham Palace. The Park is a home of many species of birds and trees and it also </p><p>includes real swan lake. Peeking Out from behind the trees and gardens, some swans and also </p><p>includes the picturesque view of Saint James Palace, right out of a fairytale. </p><p>Vander through National Gallery </p><p></p></li><li><p>National Gallery is an art Museum in Trafalgar Square in the city of Westminster, in Central </p><p>London. National Gallery first consisted of 38 pictures, put on display but now it displays 2,300 </p><p>works of art, from medieval classics to world famous pieces by French impressionists. </p><p>The gallery is free of entry welcoming all and has a blockbuster exhibitions, music concerts and </p><p>courses that do carry an entry charge, but most of the collection isnt ticketed, and there are free </p><p>talks each day, which you dont need to book in advance. You can get a chance to experience the </p><p>grand gallery atmosphere whilst getting creative in drawing and art workshops designed for your </p><p>level of interest. </p><p>Lunch at Borough Market </p><p>Borough Market is the perfect place to go for a fun afternoon with friends, or even a casual date. </p><p>One of the largest food markets in the world, it sells delicious fresh fruits and veggies, as well as </p><p>plenty of multicultural fare. If youre staying at a flat like this vacation rental in Southwark, save </p><p>money by doing some of your food shopping at local markets and cooking meals instead of dining </p><p>out! </p><p> Dig Out some amazing history Wallace Collection (Marylebone) </p><p> Wallace Collection is a free national museum displaying superb works of art in an historic London </p><p>town house. The greatest picture gallery in Europe for its superb collection of Old Masters with </p><p>a re-hang and natural light. This private collection of 18th century paintings and decorative art </p><p>was donated to the nation along with its townhouse home on Manchester Square on the </p><p>condition its works are never loaned. </p><p></p></li><li><p> The 28 rooms, many recently refurbished with elaborate gilding &amp; wall silks, present collections </p><p>of French 18th-century painting, furniture. Dine in the beautiful glazed courtyard restaurant. </p><p> Journey through Emirates Airlines Royal Dock </p><p>The Emirates Air Line is a 1,000-yard cable car ride that stretches above the River Thames and </p><p>links the Greenwich Peninsula with the Royal Docks. Integrated into Transport for London's </p><p>passenger services, it is an intriguing mix of aerial sightseeing trip and commuter link. The ride </p><p>takes five minutes and reaches a maximum height of 295ft high enough to enjoy panoramic </p><p>views over the river. </p><p>Shop at Canada Square in Canary Wharf </p><p></p></li><li><p>Many look to Londons big department stores Harrods, Selfridges, etc. to do their shopping, and </p><p>those are certainly great choices. But Canada Square in Canary Wharf is not only home to some </p><p>of Londons tallest skyscrapers, it also offers hundreds of stores and boutiques as well as </p><p>restaurants if you want to make a day of it where you will undoubtedly find everything you need </p><p>and more. </p><p> Visit Greenwich (Royal Observatory &amp; Cutty Sark) </p><p>It's all about the river in this historic heart of London, with many famous sights within easy </p><p>walking distance of each other. Take a boat down the river to enjoy the stately charms of Royal </p><p>Greenwich with its parkland, Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark clipper. The Royal Observatory </p><p>has been home to the Meridian Line, 0 Longitude, since 1884 and has a planetarium and </p><p>exhibitions about the measuring of time and distance. </p><p>Experience Shakespeare Globe Theatre </p><p>Nowhere else in London can you catch such true Shakespeare an drama or comedy, if you prefer </p><p>to laugh rather than cry though the Bards tales usually make you do both. For a true historical </p><p>experience visit Shakespeare globe theatre. Though youll have to stand for the performance, </p><p>its well worth it for the authenticity of the experience. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Enjoy the dinner at Pub </p><p>One of the things Londoners enjoy most is grabbing a pint at their favorite pub and chatting with </p><p>some old friends. What some outsiders dont know is that many pubs serve excellent food and </p><p>offer their own take on traditional dishes. You may find a new favorite! This would also be prime-</p><p>time to order fish and chips. </p><p>Getting Through </p><p>If you are looking for airport transfer services to reach above London tourist attractions safely </p><p>then book a car from London airport transfers. We Provide a safe and reliable airport transfer </p><p>services from all major airports of London such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Southend, Stansted, </p><p>London city airports. We provide you a comfortable and joyful ride for a day out in from all major </p><p>airport terminals. </p><p></p></li></ul>