Top experiences for a luxury travel in cambodia

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  • Top Experiences for a Luxury Travel in Cambodia

    Everyone see Cambodia as a destination to which they can cheer up their soul while mixing up

    part of their holiday with adventure, cultural experience, culinary craving and more than that to

    learn about what kingdom of Khmer has to offer. A Luxury Cambodia tours will do it for

    travelers who are looking for something unique and meaningful, everyone could see Angkor

    Wat, Phnom Penh, floating villages and many more than are listed among the must see things

    to experience in Cambodia, however, a Luxury experience is not what every vacationers will do,

    here are top list of what to do in terms of a luxury experience while traveling in Cambodia:

  • Luxury Mekong River Cruise

    One of the very unique and stylish ways to discover Cambodia and perhaps Vietnam on the

    waterways of might Delta of Mekong, nowadays there are quite number of cruises running their

    vessels through Southern Vietnam to Cambodia up to Siem Reap, a luxury Mekong River

    Cruise could be offered with different itinerary and duration, just make sure to visit the must see

    such as the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. The handsomely decorated Royal

    Palace in Phnom Penh that is home to the royal family, and if your cruise start in Southern

    Vietnam then do not miss the Saigon city as well as the bustling Cai Be and Cai Rong floating


    Ultra luxury stays in private island of Song Saa

    A luxury Cambodia tour packages starting in Phnom Penh and or Siem Reap could be followed

    by a few day stay at one of the most luxurious island resorts in South-east of Asia, once in

    Cambodia try booking a luxury stay that is more like a great options for the honeymooners, the

    Song Saa private Island is your best bet when thinking of planning an ultra luxury Cambodia


    Luxury and adventure at Angkor Wat

    Incomparable temples of Angkor Wat are something that you see in everyones itinerary. Here

    you will find a massive complex which you see the biggest temple and religious structure in the

    world, to experience Angkor Wat first hand you may opt for a guided tour to experience the

    temples on a old vintage Citroen, with balloon flight and or more luxurious on a helicopter flight

    that will give you an ultimate view over the vast area.

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