Top European Winter Destinations

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<p>Top European Winter Destinations</p> <p>Winter Holidays</p> <p>It's always good to take a holiday out of season, particularly if you're not a great lover of crowds. You'll get a better feel for the place you're staying in and most likely save some money on the off peak prices.</p> <p>Summer isn't the only time to spend away from your home. Winter has just as many advantages and things to do they're just a bit different than lounging on a beach.</p> <p>Athens, Greece</p> <p>Ever been there and tried to take that iconic shot of the Parthenon only to be swamped by the hundreds of other tourists trying to do the same?</p> <p>Out of season you'll get to explore more and enjoy the country's heritage and local culture.</p> <p>Andalucia, Spain</p> <p>Some parts of this area are further south than Africa which means relatively mild temperatures in winter.</p> <p>There are fewer crowds and just because it's winter doesn't mean the Spanish have any less to offer for entertainment with tapas and city night-life there to enjoy.</p> <p>Venice, Italy</p> <p>One European highlight that really shouldn't be missed is Carnival of Venice, which is held in February. The colourful history of the city is brought to life with elaborate costumes and spooky masks.</p> <p>This event is extremely popular and visitors come from all over the world to participate in this historic event. You may well find yourself treading on other people's toes.</p> <p>Barcelona - Fira De Santa Llcia</p> <p>This traditional Spanish market has been held since 1786 and you'll be able to experience some unusual Christmas traditions.</p> <p>There are life size nativity scenes, competitions, parades and exhibitions. It is held between 25 November and 23 December.</p> <p>Berlin - Kaiser Wilhelm Christmas Market</p> <p>Considered by many to be the capital of the Traditional Christmas market, more than 50 are held in the city every year. </p> <p>The biggest and most popular is the one situated at Kaiser Wilhelm Gedchtniskirche and has over 2 million visitors every year.</p> <p>Prague - The Christmas Markets</p> <p>From 1 December to 1 January Prague's markets take place in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Rather than gifts and decorations visitors to these markets are there to sample the unusual food and drink that's on offer.</p> <p>During the week before Christmas the streets are lined with hot tubs filled with carp. It's also worth trying the local brew of grog and honey liquor.</p> <p>Prepared for you by</p> <p>Contact us at for accommodation for your winter holidays.</p>