Top activities for the ultimate desert safari adventure in dubai

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The glittering emirate of Dubai is best known as the ultimate destination for opulence and grandeur, however, the true spirit of this destination still lies in the rugged beauty of its arid landscape. Read on to know about the top desert activities pursued by visitors booking tickets to the city


  • 1. Summary:The glittering emirate of Dubai is best known asthe ultimate destination for opulence andgrandeur, however, the true spirit of thisdestination still lies in the rugged beauty of its aridlandscape. Read on to know about the top desertactivities pursued by visitors booking tickets to thecity.

2. Top Activities for the Ultimate DesertSafari Adventure in DubaiMany have described Dubai as a shining gem located in themidst of the Arabian Sands. Over the years, it has emerged asthe destination of choice amongst legions of foreign tourists foran opulent getaway replete with sunny weather during the winterseason. Though home to majestic buildings that form anexpansive skyline and fine dining restaurants that serve upcuisines from round the world, opulence is not all that thisemirate of UAE offers. Travellers who seek the true essence ofthis city by booking tickets can look forward to engage in range ofdesert activities that truly justify the price of flights terminating inDubai. Currently there are numerous operators who offer desertsafaris and related activities which ensure the easy availability oftickets for such experiences. Following are the key adventures onoffer for those seeking a perfect holiday amidst the Arabiansands. 3. Adventures GaloreQuad bike rides and all-terrain-vehicle amidst the dunes nearthis metropolis are among the must do things when onebooks tickets to reach the Middle East. Such vehicles arereplete with an assortment of cutting-edge safety featuresand the operators provide tourists with all necessary safetyequipment including but not limited to harnesses as well ashelmets. Though many enjoy such rides, not every travellerfeels comfortable behind the wheel of these extrememachines; hence, professional driver services are alsoavailable. The other adventure for which the dunes near thismajestic metropolis are famed is sand boarding, which issimilar to snow boarding in many respects. These are amongthe top desert safari activities on offer to tourists who buytickets on flights bound to this part of the UAE. 4. Memories of a LifetimeNot all foreigners who purchase air tickets to this aridlandscape prefer to indulge in high speed thrill amongthese shifting sands. The other popular sightseeing optionin this part of the world is while riding a camel. The perfectway to travel through the dunes, a ride on these hardycreatures allows ample opportunity for shutterbugs toimmortalise the memories of their trip to Dubai. Thoughthe rides operate from dawn till dusk, the rugged beauty ofthis arid landscape is probably best captured at sunriseand sunset. Therefore tickets to the late afternoon ridesare in high demand throughout the year. 5. Night Stay amidst the SandsThe art of belly dancing is attributed to have its originsamongst the Bedouin tribes that have inhabited this sandyregion since ancient times. Modern day visitors who reserveair tickets to reach Dubai are in for a treat that harks back tothose days long ago, if they opt for the night stay experienceat a camp. This modern day Arabian Nights experienceincludes belly dances performed by professionals, traditionalmusical performances as well as ethnic Bedouin cuisineserved in the traditional style by the bonfire. The overnightaccommodations provided are the unique tents as thosepitched by the local tribes since millennia ago. This experienceis sure to leave travellers gloating about their decision to bookflight tickets for a visit to the glitzy emirate of Dubai.