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<ul><li> 1. Top 5 Countries for Adventure TravelAlthough travelers who seek Adventure travel may not realize it, they have a lot in common with thosewho combine travel with volunteering. Adventure travel and volunteer travel both offer a uniqueperspective on a new destination. Whether youre zip lining over a forest in Costa Rica or building aschool for a local community in Russia, you are engaging with your travel destination on a whole newlevel.If youre an adventurer whos new to the volunteering abroad world, dont fret, there are an infinitenumber of ways to get involved in voluntourism. Some people may want to volunteer in the developmentoffice of an NGO in Peru or teach English to Chinese students. However, these more stationary positionsmight not be right for you. There are plenty of ways to get outside and explore a new place whilecontributing to the local community at the same time. These five countries offer many wonderfulopportunities to volunteer for those with an adventurous spirit.South AfricaSouth Africa is a great place for a volunteer interested in conservation. More than 20,000 differentplant species can be found in South Africa, making it one of the worlds megadiverse nations. Its wildlifealso makes South Africa a popular safari destination. Volunteers can work on local wildlife reserves where</li></ul> <p> 2. activities may include building fences, clearing trails, tracking and counting wildlife, feeding animals, andmore. Popular national parks include Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga and Addo Elephant NationalPark. With numerous exciting ways to spend your free time after volunteering, you will never get bored.The South African coast, a popular scuba diving destination, is a great place to volunteer with marine life,conservation, and just relax.EcuadorEcuador is known all over the world for its beautifully unique landscapes and wildlife. The most populartypes of volunteering in Ecuador are conservation and teaching. While the two can be mutually exclusive,there are also great opportunities to teach about sustainable practices when it comes to wildlife andenvironmental conservation. The Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands extreme biodiversityensure that the outdoor explorer will stay busy in Ecuador. Various endangered and near-endangeredplants and animals in Ecuador benefit from volunteer work that focuses on protecting these rare species(like jaguars, pumas, and the howler monkey.) Unfortunately, human development and tourism has hadlarge impacts on the endangerment of these precious animals and their habitats. Anyone looking foran adventure travel in Ecuador should look into volunteering on a beach or in a forest in this beautifulcountry.Cambodia 3. Cambodia, located in Southeast Asia, is full of activities to keep a volunteer busy in their free time. Tryviewing the cities and ancient ruins by bicycle or scuba diving to see the natural underwater wonders. Atrue Cambodian adventure goes beyond fun outdoor activities. As a volunteer you will live like a localwhile contributing to community development. Lend a hand in Cambodia to fight growing social issuesthat separate the rich from the poor. Volunteers are needed to support refugees and homeless, work inhealth clinics, teach children, and more.GhanaGhana is another great place to get outdoors and experience one-of-a-kind sights throughout the country.Similar to the other destinations on this list, Ghana has a number of national parks and coastal areaswhere volunteers can get their hands dirty. Help protect endangered elephants, monkeys, and birdsthroughout the country in wildlife reserves and parks. Sports fans will especially enjoy volunteering inGhana children in Ghana are particularly interested in sports, which lends to volunteer projects insports development and coaching. Playing sports with kids at local school is one of the most fun ways tocontribute to youth empowerment. Whatever your interest may be, there are a number of ways to getinvolved with Ghanas local community.ThailandA volunteer trip to Thailand isnt complete without a cultural adventure and a volunteer project. Thecoast of Thailand and surrounding islands offer great breathtaking opportunities to snorkel, scuba, surf, 4. and more. If water sports arent your thing, exploring Thailands tropical forests is another great way tospend your time. The different types of forest regions in Thailand are great for those interested in localconservation and the impact of tourism on the land and wildlife. Thailand has a number of elephantsanctuaries where you can get up close and personal with these giant animals who are exploited regularly.Give back to the local community by promoting sustainability, volunteering at a national park, or teachingEnglish at a school or monastery.No matter what kind of adventure travel youre interested in, there are plenty of ways to explore theworld while volunteering, too. Whatever efforts you can make to have a positive and meaningful impacton your host community are important. Step outside of your comfort zone and find an adventurevolunteer program that fits your needs and interests.</p>