Top 5 Adventure Travel Experiences in Europe

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  • Top 5 Adventure Travel

    Experiences in Europe

  • Europe is such a vast continent. Although it doesnt have the same width and breadth as Asia in terms of

    total surface area, there are at least 47 countries that constitute Europe, making it a champion when it

    comes to diversity of culture and societies. Thats why planning for an adventure travel in Europe wont

    be so hard to do. Before we present out recommended top 5 places-to-go for optimum adventure travel

    in Europe, lets make sure about these very important reminders:

    1. Since you will be going on a great adventure that involves crossing many borders, its best that you take

    out extreme activities travel insurance from the get-go.

    2. Double-check any visa requirements for the countries you will visit. Never assume that you can enter

    and exit without getting a visitors visa. Its better to be safe than sorry. Taking care of these important

    reminders will add greatly towards having peace of mind during your adventure travel in Europe.

    Trekking across Switzerland-Italy-France

    Whats an adventure filled trip to Europe

    without a cross-border trekking adventure that

    takes place in the Alps? Hike across Mont Blanc

    and relish the invigorating blasts of mountain

    air. Enjoy the changes in scenery from glacial

    views to green meadow vistas, youll experience

    one of the most challenging treks ever over an

    Alpine paradise enjoyed not only by

    Switzerland, but also Italy and France. Dont

    forget, Hannibal and his armies crossed the Alps

    on foot, along with some elephants! Back then,

    no one had any of the creature comforts that

    are now present in some of the rest stations

    that are part of the route. So, if Team Hannibal

    could do it, so can you, especially since can

    enjoy more travelling security by getting

    extreme activities travel insurance before you

    march across the Alps.

    Snorkeling in Croatia

    Surrender to the allure of the sea, while you snorkel your way through romping aquatic creatures. Dont

    get too distracted by the underwater beauty that will surround you, else you might forget the need to

    come up for air sooner or later. You could also engage in a round of underwater rugby and underwater

    hockey. If youre not finicky, you can even try spear fishing.

    Cycling in Italy

    Go for a leisurely turn or a fast-paced, heart pounding cycling tour in Tuscany. Youll be sure to

    experience both, with the bonus of being able to feast on delicious countryside cuisine and have a

    relaxing sleep on some owners direct in Italy. Gradually cycle your way to the rustic villages and inns, then

    gorge on some of the best food that Italy has to offer. Rest a bit, and then pedal your way out like a

    tornado to burn all the extra pounds youve put on!

  • Kayaking in Turkey

    Get extreme kayaking workouts while having the time of your life taking in the amazing coves while in

    Turkey? You can also opt to hike through the Lycian Way or explore ancient ruins. Dont forget to taste

    the world famous Lokum or Turkish delight that are available in many homespun village stores.

    Island Hopping and Local Fishing in Denmark

    Dont let the picturesque scenery that is to be found in Denmark fool you. When its adventure you crave,

    you can go Danish Isles-hopping, biking and exploring royal castles and other historic ruins. Befriend the

    locals and try your hand at local fishing in the small villages. Explore the unknown and make it familiar!

    Before You Go

    As part of your preparations for your adventure travel in Europe, get the latest travel advisories. Since

    many of the countries that make up Europe are contiguous, make sure that whatever travel restrictions

    which apply to neighboring countries do not also apply to your chosen destinations. Finally, dont forget

    to get extreme activities travel insurance for your security. Bon Voyage!