Top 5 Adventure Activities in India

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  • Top 5 Adventure Activities in India you must not miss

    India is a land of adventure. And the adventure you seek is just a few hoursaway. India is a land of temples, rich culture, festivals, serene rivers,magnificent waterfalls and also has ample opportunities to tickle theadventure bone in you. From river rafting in Rishikesh to trekking in theHimalayas and deep gorges of Kerala; the spirit of adventure never settlesin a country like India. This post highlights the top adventure activities (inno particular order) across India you must attempt at least once in alifetime. Apparently, these are also the most popular and most sought afteractivities adventure enthusiasts crave for.

  • 1.Paragliding in LadakhLadakh wears it white round the year and the sights from up above isbreathtaking. Paragliding gives you the thrill of flying high. Combine thatwith spectacular sights of white, brown, green and blue and youradventure experience is nothing short of extravagant. Tsemo Gompa, StokKangri and Leh Bazaar are the most popular spots in Ladakh for a gloriousparagliding experience.

  • 2.River rafting in Rishikesh

    From the blue skies to the white waters, fun in adventure doesnt stop inthis country. Rishikesh is the capital of white water rafting. If you want toexplore the real thrill of waters; then you ought to visit Rishikesh andexperience the chills of rafting. Rapids in Rishikesh river range from 1 to 5and your guide or tour operator can help you enjoy the experience withsafety as priority. Kayaking, rock climbing and trekking are other activitiesyou can experience at Rishikesh.

  • 3.Biking and trekking in SikkimSikkim is a land of popular monasteries, lush tea gardens and numeroussnaky trails. Although there are a lot of bike and trek trails across India; theones in Sikkim are truly a class apart. It is an experience that cannot becaptured in words. Biking trips usually start from Martam Village and endat Pemayangtse via Temi Tea Garden, Ravangla, Tashiding and Yuksamalthough you could carve your own trail. The Dzongri Trek is one of themost popular treks in India. Completed in a week, the Dzongri Trek takesyou through exotic flora and fauna.

  • 4.Wildlife sightingsIndia has several pockets of national reserves; some that even surpass thepopularity of most in the world. Some travelers travel the countryprimarily for sighting rare species, animals that are near extinct and somethat are more renowned than most. In that order, the Kaziranga NationalPark in Assam with its one-horned rhinoceros, the Corbett National Parkin Uttarakhand for its ferocious Bengal Tigers and the Gir National Park inGujarat for Asiatic Lions are world renowned amidst other popular gems ofthe country.

  • 5.Hot air ballooningA one-of-a-kind experience of hot air ballooning can be seen only atRajasthan. Like Rishikesh is synonymous for whitewater rafting; travelersto Rajasthan do not miss on the hot air ballooning experience. The feelingof weightlessness is beyond expression and feeling drifted away can makeyou truly adventurous in every sense of the word.

  • Experience India and explore all its adventure activities like river rafting inRishikesh, the ones listed above and a lot more to get the real taste of fun

    and spirit. They truly bring out the best in you.

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