Top 10 unexplored places in india

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A list of Top 10 unexplored places in India selected from various sources. This is personal rating not official.



2. t is located in the beautiful state of Assam in the seven sister's region ( North East).Majauli is known to be theworlds largst river island on earth which is nestled in the banks of the Brahmaputra river.This river island whichis declared by UNESCO as a world natural heritage,has preserved well the antique and other items of cultural significance of the hundreds of year old Assamese civilization. Hundreds of migratory birds.various types of flora and fauna,culture.festivals and many other things make llilajuli an interesting place to visit.Nearby sanctuaries preserve one-homed rhinos and elephants. It was formed in 16th century.Various festivals happen there in the satras. It is an interesting and holy place to visit in Majuli.You can see ancient and unique weapons preserved there.Archaeologists are dolnga lot of researches on Majuli and its history. By Air- Majuli is located nearly 20kms away from Jorhat airport.There are daily flights to Jorhat from Guwahati.and four flights a week from Kolkata. By Train- The nearesttrain station is atlorhat. By Road- Jorhat is connected by road to Guwahati (Asom).ASTC and privaterun buses leave early in the morning and in the evening. v"~4 - I r X I _- ._re "'I I x . .r _J 2? [I I l : r/ I;/(Vali .*7 . * liriap, -;: Sunset at Brahmaputra river 3. .drums *oiiaiilttiuiriristpnputoriouris1 rrestinaooiis' irilaaiiarasima. inrira. hie bclln G him eilries much historical signicance which allures numerous l hurtstsavaiyyaunsunuundiirgsolttmplaceareoacuedwithvamuscasuesIndunexpleredbeaehes. this belilul ttmi-is also linownforttie extensive variety at mangoes and the most popular is lmown as Malvani Hapus or Alphonso.Malvan is the ideal destlnation lor nature lovers2