Top 10 Travel Trends for 2015

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  • Canadians are renowned for their openness to

    giving, with a third-place ranking in the World

    Giving Index of 2014.

    Travelers from a range of lifestyles and income

    levels are choosing vacation and travel as a

    means to give back, often for environmental preservation causes. The trend is fueling the

    growth of voluntourism around the world.

    Advocates of responsible tourism point out it is a better way to see the world through an

    authentic experience that benefits local people.



  • Now, more than ever, you can tailor-make an ideal luxury vacation that takes you away from

    everyday life. Golf like a pro on a private island, or cruise the waterways of a continent. Find a

    spot that welcomes pets, or refreshes your spirit. Whatever you crave, its out therethe world is waiting for you.