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Sapa has well-known not only by the stunning mountain landscapes, terraces rice, unique stilt villages and lush mountain ranges, particularly, the ft.fansipan The roof of Indochina peak, but also known for its pleasant climate around year and friendly local people. A visit to the town is completely worthy if you would like to get the authentic experience in your life. So here is top 10 things to do in Sapa you are planing to go.#1 Trekking to Cat Cat VillageLocated on the Muong Hoa Valley, and is the village of the HMong hill tribe. Cat Cat village is the most popular attraction in Sapa district, about 3 km from Sapa market. It takes 45 minutes to walk here and admire a lively and colorful picture. A visit to Cat Cat we will have a chance to visit a big waterfall on the stream as well as the old Hydro Electric Power Station that built by the French. Learn more:cat-cat-village-trekking-tour#2 Terraced Rice Fields in SapaNeedless to say Sapa terraced rice fields have become the buzz keyword searched on Google and have voted as one of seven most impressive and beautiful landscape of Asia and the world of the USs magazine Travel and Leisure by readers. This little town is one of the most enchantingVietnamdestinations. Its not only famous for its cool climate, rich nature and colorful cultures of the ethnic minorities groups, also a wonderful paradise of terraced rice fields as well as trekking routes for travellers.Terraced-Rice-Fields-in-Sapa#3 A visit to Ban Pho VillageBan Pho village is a mountainous commune of Bac Ha district and considered as one of major tourist attractions in Sapa, not only natural landscape but also its unique specialties. A visit to Ban Pho village, you will have a chance to visit traditional winemaking village and enjoy special corn wine of the HMong that absolutely an interesting experience. Ban Pho village is ideal for a day-trip if you start your trip in Sapa or 2-4 days if you departure from Hanoi.Reference itinerary:Ban Pho-Village-sapa-trekking-tour#4 Fansipan MountainConquer the roof of indochina Fansipan Mountain is the dream of so many adventurous travellers as well as professional climbers who are looking for new challenges. Learn more:Best time to visit Fansipanand take a look at some sample itineraries ofSapa Vietnam Adventure Tourbefore you travel.vietnam-adventure-tour-Fansipan-Mountain#5 Markets in SapaSapa is famous for not only its wonderful weather round year, the stunning landscape, terraced rice fields as well as the unique culture, its also famous for its weekly local markets where local hill tribes will concentrate in buying and selling anything from clothes, vegetables to buffalo. This is some markets you can visit during your trip in Sapa: Monday: Phiet Village Market Tuesday: Coc ly market Wednesday: Cao Son market Sin Cheng market Thursday: Lung Khau Nhin market Friday: Chau market Saturday: Can Cau market Sunday: Bac Ha marketbac-ha-market-Sapa#6 Ham Rong mountainLocated in the center of town, Sapa. Ham Rong has known as the beautiful scenery where surrounded by many different types of mountains, evergreen forests and other broadleaf trees.ham-rong-mountain-sapa#7 Muong Hoa valleyFar from town about 14 kilometers. Muong Hoa valley is one of the most famous destinations for breathtaking scenery and the largest farm land for rice growing in SaPa. A visit to Muong Hoa Valley, It takes about 5 hours for visitors to trekking downhill to the valley where you will go through its terraced fields as well as passing hamlets of minority groups in Muong Hoa Valley, where is thehomefor Hmong, Zao, Zay minority groups. On the way trekking to Muong Hoa valley, you will have an opportunity to take photos, exploring the magnificent Muong Hoa Valley to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes. This is one of an unforgettable experience in part of yourHolidays in Vietnam.trekking-muong-hoa-valley-top-must-see-in-sapa#8 Overnight homestayOvernight homestay is considered as one of the greatest and most profound ways to delve into Sapas interesting culture. You can go through a homestay arranged ahead of time or travel agent where you book for aSapa Vietnam travel . It is extremely the ultimate cultural experience, where youll be able to stay with a local family, eat and live alongside them. This is easy way to learn about the different ways of life in the rural quite interesting where you also get a authentic experience.sapa-tours-overnight-homestay#9 Ta Phin VillageTa phin village has known as an inhabited of the HMong and Red Dao minority comunities. A remote village around 12 kilometers from Sapa town that still retains traditional customs and lifestyles of ethnic minority groups. On the way hiking up and down to Ta Phin Village, travellers will see local people working in terraced paddy fields. Or a Sapa Trekking Tour to Ta Phin where you will soak up in a traditional Red Dao herbal bath at Ta Phin.Learn more: Vietnam trekking toursapa-tour-ta-phin-village#10 Silver waterfallFar about 15 kilometers from Sapa, it takes approximately 30 minutes by motorbike or bus to visit one of the stunning views over surrounding mountain as well as lush forests of Hoang Lien Son national park .Lear more: