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<ul><li><p> Top-10 things to do in Melbourne </p><p>Melbourne is a wonderful city of Australia. Often, people plan their vacation tours to Melbourne </p><p>from distinct locations. Cheap flights to Melbourne can help in increasing the budget for other </p><p>expenditures. To ensure enjoyment to the fullest, the following 10 things are a must in </p><p>Melbourne. </p><p>1. Roam about the city </p><p>The culture and overall atmosphere of the city is just so exciting. People tend to roam about the </p><p>city just like that, for a couple of days to feel the very beautiful atmosphere of the city. It is truly </p><p>a pleasurable experience. </p><p>2. Sky deck experience </p><p>Often, we want to feel how the place looks from a significant height. Eureka Sky Deck is a very </p><p>beautiful place where, you can get a very good glimpse of the entire city, from a significant </p><p>height. It is a must visit place, even if your tours are significantly short. </p><p>3. Zoo </p><p>The Melbourne Zoo is home to numerous numbers of species. People say the zoo might provide </p><p>shelter to around 300 species of different animals. People, who are not that closely, associated </p><p>with wildlife, will also enjoy the jungle safari of the Melbourne Zoo. </p><p>4. Hot air balloon travel </p><p>Travelling in a hot air balloon is often a fantasy. This experience is featured in the city of </p><p>Melbourne. People can experience some adventure and excitement by travelling in the hot air </p><p>balloon. </p><p>5. The Great Ocean Road </p><p>People closely associated to driving and who love long drives, this place can be a treat to them. </p><p>Also, other individuals, who enjoy sea shore, sunset views, this place is worth each penny you </p><p>spend. It provides a gorgeous sunset view, which just mesmerizes the tourists. </p><p>6. Philip Island </p><p>This is a very beautiful place famous for penguins. Penguins are quite rare and all individuals </p><p>will enjoy observing the activities of penguin here. It is placed at a quite reasonable distance </p><p>from the city and individuals come here to relish the view of penguins. </p></li><li><p> 7. Queen Victoria Market </p><p>Queen Victoria Market is a distinct place to satisfy your shopping thirst. It is largely a market, </p><p>where you find all your needs in respect to food elements. If you are looking to immerse yourself </p><p>into Australian culture, this is the best place for you. </p><p>8. Tour of Dandenong Ranges </p><p>People, who enjoy mountain ranges, will love the tour to Dandenong ranges. This ride is through </p><p>the coaches, which makes it even more entertaining and adventurous. A very good view of the </p><p>trees, hills, etc, is assured during the tour. </p><p>9. St. Pauls Cathedral </p><p>This is a very beautiful place, which gives a rough glimpse of vintage Australia. The architecture </p><p>and design of this place mesmerizes a lot of individuals. </p><p>10. Shrine of Remembrance </p><p>The commuting distance to this place is quite less. People can travel across this place through </p><p>tram quite easily and quickly. This place is located on the hill top and facilitates a very good </p><p>view of a few parts of the city. Many other attractions like Government house and Botanical </p><p>gardens are visible from this monument. </p><p>More locations can be visited by considering early booking of cheapest Melbourne flights from </p><p>UK to ensure bigger expenditure purse. </p><p>Reference:- </p><p></p><p>1379165.html </p></li></ul>