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<ul><li><p>Top 10 things to do in Ahmedabad </p><p>Ahmedabad is one of the main and important cities of India in the state of Gujarat and one of the Western </p><p>Indias most important cities. Ahmedabad is startling metropolis city with rich Mughal heritage. </p><p>Ahmedabad is a city where old infrastructure combines with modern infrastructure and has given rise to </p><p>major business powerhouse. Ahmedabad has developed fascinating buildings, brilliant structures, </p><p>excellent restaurants, thrilling night markets and it has a lot to offer. Here are some things which you do </p><p>and visit places if you are planning to visit Ahmedabad. </p><p>Stay in The Ummed Hotel </p><p>The Ummed Hotel is the best five star in </p><p>Ahmedabad near Airport which gives you a </p><p>decision of indoor and open-air relaxing venues to </p><p>have your business or get-togethers. It connects </p><p>straightforward entry, manicured gardens, world </p><p>class luxuries and customizable nourishment and </p><p>drink services to make the essential occasions </p><p>which makes it best business hotels in </p><p>Ahmedabad. </p><p>Sabarmati Ashram </p><p>Sabarmati Ashram is the most popular spot in </p><p>Ahmedabad. It attracts the travelers from all around </p><p>the world. From 1917 to 1930, it used to be the </p><p>Headquarters of Gandhiji during freedom struggle of </p><p>India. </p><p>It is said that as this place lies between a cemetery </p><p>and a jail so GandhiJi chose this place. Today, </p><p>Gandhis home has been preserved by Gujarat Tourism and has been converted into a museum which </p><p>shows an informative record of his life. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Jama Masjid </p><p>Jama Masjid is one of the most beautiful mosques in </p><p>India, built by Ahmed Shah in 1423. The raw materials </p><p>for building Jama Masjid was taken from demolished </p><p>Hindu and Jain temples. There is a mausoleum which is </p><p>situated right to the mosque and it houses the grave of </p><p>Sultan Ahmed Shah. You can visit the Mosque in the </p><p>evening and can take a walk and feel the peace and </p><p>prosperity here. </p><p>THE Calico Museum of Textiles </p><p>The Calico Museum of Textiles is Indias largest </p><p>textile museum. This museum contains one of the </p><p>worlds complete collections of textiles and clothes. </p><p>Some of them are even older than 500 years. The </p><p>museum includes an incredible example of old </p><p>handiwork which includes Kashmiri Shawls which </p><p>takes more than 3 years to create. The textile </p><p>gallery can be visited during morning hours and </p><p>afternoon hours. </p><p>Manek Chowk </p><p>Manek Chowk is very popular place in Ahmedabad </p><p>to head when you are being stricken by hunger in </p><p>midnight. Manek Chowk is situated in the oldest </p><p>area of Ahmedabad. This area mainly serves as a </p><p>Jewellers market in the day and it turns into one </p><p>of the largest food streets during the night. </p></li><li><p>Heritage Walk </p><p>Heritage Walk is organized by Municipal </p><p>Corporation of Ahmedabad. The municipal </p><p>corporation of Ahmedabad organizes interesting </p><p>daily walking tour through the old city of </p><p>Ahmedabad. Heritage Walk starts at 8 Am from the </p><p>Swaminarayan Temple in Kalupur and it ends by </p><p>10:30 Am in Jama Masjid. You can expect a lot of </p><p>walking many discoveries about Ahmedabad. </p><p>Kankaria Lake </p><p>Kankaria Lake is located in the southern part of the </p><p>Ahmedabad. Kankaria Lake is known as biggest </p><p>Lake in the city. It was built by Sultan Kutubuddin in </p><p>the 15 century. During weekends it is the biggest </p><p>attraction for kids and families and it has many </p><p>options for entertainment like parks, water rides, </p><p>toy train, and hot air balloon. </p><p>Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden </p><p>Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden is situated on the banks </p><p>of Kankaria Lake. Kamla Nehru Zoological garden is a Zoo </p><p>which is a home for many endangered species like </p><p>Flamingos, Indian Wild Ass, Mouse Dear and Asiatic Lion. </p><p>The Zoo was built in 1951 to create wildlife scenarios. </p></li><li><p>Akshardham Temple </p><p>Akshardham Temple is situated 28kms from </p><p>Ahmedabad. Akshardham Temple is an </p><p>architectural masterpiece and the most famous </p><p>temple in the city. The temple is dedicated to Lord </p><p>Swaminarayan and celebrates the </p><p>commandments of Swaminarayan faith. 6,000 </p><p>tons of pink sandstones were used to build this 10 </p><p>storied temple and its 93 sculpted pillars. </p><p>Science City </p><p>The Science City was set up by Gujarat Government in </p><p>1960 to spread the awareness about the development </p><p>of Science and its benefits in human life. It has IMAX 3D </p><p>theater, exhibition hall, thrill rides and amphitheater. </p><p>Auto World Museum </p><p>Auto World Museum is heaven for those who </p><p>love vintage cars. Auto World Museum is one </p><p>of the largest which has the large collection of </p><p>cars in India. </p><p>Ahmedabad is not just the biggest city and </p><p>previous capital of the Indian state of Gujarat </p><p>yet is the coolest city to hang out. This city is </p><p>one of the coolest urban areas as well as an </p><p>essential piece of Western India. If we give a look at this city then we come to realize that Ahmedabad is </p><p>a bustling city with rich pre-Mughal heritage, and if that you are a foodie then this city is a treat for you. </p></li></ul>