Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai - Things to Do in Dubai

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<ul><li><p>Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai - Dubai Attractions </p><p>Here is a glimpse of top 10 Places of Dubai. The list has been compiled to include something for </p><p>everyone's taste. </p><p>Burj Khalifa </p><p>The best place for a spectacular view of Dubai is from level 124 of the worlds tallest building, Bun Khalifa, </p><p>a modern architectural and engineering marvel. At the Top, Bun Khalifa visit begins at the reception area </p><p>on the lower ground level of The Dubai Mall. Throughout your journey to the top, you will be entertained </p><p>and informed by a multimedia presentation that chronicles Dubais history and the fascinating story of </p><p>Bun Khalifa. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Skydiving </p><p>Skydiving in Dubai is not just a simple sport, but also the best way to do sightseeing in this booming region </p><p>of UAE. You get a chance to get a great aerial view of the city and then enjoy the freefall. So if you are </p><p>looking forward to an adrenaline pumping and mind-blowing experience during your vacation, try </p><p>skydiving in Dubai. </p><p>Seawings </p><p>An aerial view of the Dubai skyline is a thrilling experience. Seawings is a seaplane charter offering </p><p>scenic views of Dubai with a 40minute aerial flight. Seawings operates up to 16 flights daily and </p><p>provides aerial tours and packages to destinations such as Dubai Creek. Emirates Palace, Ras Al </p><p>Khaimah, and Fujairah. </p></li><li><p>Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo </p><p>The 10-mn-I Dubai Aquarium Tank, located at the ground level of The Dubai Mall, is the largest suspended </p><p>aquarium in the world. It houses over 33.000 aquatic animals, comprising over 140 species. The </p><p>Underwater Zoo, on level-2 comprises 3 ecological zones - rainforest, rocky shore and Living Ocean and </p><p>offers a glimpse of the amazing creatures that inhabit our rivers and oceans. </p><p>Dancing and Musical Fountains at Business Bay </p><p>Set on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake, the fountain shoots water jets as high as 500 ft. The fountain is 900 </p><p>ft (275 mts) long and has 5 circles of varying sizes and 2 central arcs. It has been designed by California-</p><p>based WET, the creators of the Fountains of Bellaglo in Las Vegas. The Dubai Fountain performs daily, with </p><p>the performance repertoire including Sama Dubal; Baba Yetu, Shik Shak Shok; and Italian tenor Andrea </p><p>Bocelli, Con te partiro (Time to Say Goodbye). </p></li><li><p>Dubai Autodrome </p><p>The 5.39-km Dubai Autodrome circuit is one or me most modern in the world. It is also one of the most </p><p>challenging, as it has a combination of high-speed straights and technical corners. The circuit which </p><p>contains 6 different configurations is designed to allow 3 racing circuits to operate simultaneously, safely </p><p>and independently from each other. The result presents circuit users with unparalleled options. In recent </p><p>years, Dubai Autodrome has deliberately positioned itself as the home of UAE national motorsport. </p><p>Desert Safari </p><p>A half-day, full-day or overnight safari in the desert is an unforgettable experience. Apart from the </p><p>breathtaking beauty of the endless sand dunes, various activities like Dune Bashing (4-wheel or ATV </p><p>drives). Sand Skiing, Camel Riding, and Desert feasts add to the thrill quotient. A visit to Dubai is </p><p>incomplete without a desert safari experience. </p></li><li><p>Sheikh Saeeds House </p><p>The official residence of the current Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a 30-</p><p>room mansion built in 1896 during the reign of Sheikh Maktoum Bin Flasher AI Maktoum. For many years </p><p>it served as a communal residence for the Maktoum family. Today, it also houses a rare collection of </p><p>historic photographs, coins, stamps and documents that record Dubais history. </p><p>Haifa Village </p><p>Located in the rocky Halla Mountains, you can get a glimpse of a historical village that goes back thousands </p><p>of years. Overlooking the village are 2 towers, known as the two stones that were used as defense </p><p>fortresses. Each building in the area provides a unique historical look at Dubais past. There are several </p><p>outdoor meeting places and resting areas in the Heritage Village known as Al Hadeera. where visitors are </p><p>served coffee and dates. </p></li><li><p>Bastakiya </p><p>At the Bastakiya, push open the old wooden doors of the traditional courtyard houses with wind towers </p><p>to get a rare and enthralling glimpse of yesteryear. Wind towers are a traditional and unique form of air-</p><p>conditioning structures, whereby cool air is funnelled down into the house. The old district of Bastakiya, </p><p>with its narrow lanes and tall wind towers, provides a hint of old Dubai. A short walk from Al Fahidi Fort, </p><p>it is the largest concentration of traditional courtyard houses in Dubai. If you are looking for Dubai Holiday </p><p>Tour Packages from Delhi, Traveoport will help you. </p><p></p></li></ul>