Top 10 most beautiful places in scotland

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Top 10 most beautiful places in Scotland

Top 10 most beautiful places in Scotland

Scotland - the country of the United Kingdom, once an independent state.

Merduch Lesya, Kostishin Iryna


The Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman - mobile attraction in Scotland, Northern analogue of the Orient Express . Luxury train departs from Edinburgh and extends along the western and north- western Scotland , with stops in the most must-see locations - castles, private residences and estates distillery . Interiors coupe and restaurants , stylized era of Edward , do not yield to the local landscape and exactly inspire selfie. Only need to dress accordingly - dress in " Downton Abbey " will be just right .

Isle of Harris

Go in the Nordic countries for the beach - not the most obvious idea . However , Scotland is ready to please even the lovers of white sand and azure shores. Coast of Harris from certain angles could pass for a Seychelles - Maldivian counterparts. To get to the miracle of nature is not easy - first plane from Glasgow or Inverness or ferry to Stornoway , and then another one and a half hours by car on streamers . Not a short path , overcome it solved a few, so the beaches are part of Harris not only in the top most beautiful but also the most deserted .

Arthur's Seat , EdinburghRock of Arthur's Seat - an extinct volcano erupted 350 mi Arthur's Seat , Edinburgh llion years ago. Mountain height of about 250 meters is considered the main peak in the chain of hills Holyrood Park. This is also the best lookout Edinburgh , offering an incredibly beautiful view of the city . Like everything else in Scotland this top is shrouded in many mysteries and legends. According to legend, here was the capital of the mythical King Arthur - Camelot . In addition , it is considered to be more beautiful and younger need to wash my face with dew from the slopes of " Arthur's Seat " May 1st. On this day, the Scottish girls and women are raised here to make this ritual .

Urquhart Castle , Loch NessMystical and otherworldly forces for the Scots as real characters , like kings and queens . Let the scientists did not once, not twice examined Loch Ness and found nothing there , the locals still confidently show the place where the last time saw a monster. By the way, it was not so long ago - in 2005 . If you too believe in different " Unbelievable " , you can try to make the next frame with a mysterious monster. The best point for observation - the castle dungeon Arkart .

Stirling CastleSterling - one of the most legendary castles of Scotland. In the Middle Ages became the epicenter of the conflict between England and Scotland , as it was believed that whoever controls the Castle - Scotland controls . Sterling is also known as a royal residence , where she lived and was crowned Queen Mary Stuart . Royal personages , which was not very lucky in life, once nearly burned down in his bed when a candle accidentally lit curtains. Saved her maid , which, however , cost the lives of devotion . Since then, the inhabitants periodically meet the ghost of the dead girl - Green Lady.

KilhurnKilhurn located on the northeastern shore of Lake Ave ( Loch Awe ) - is the third longest lake area and Scotland. Construction of the castle Kilhurn to the period of the 15th century , it was originally built on a tiny island , but over time the lake water receded , connecting the island with beaches. It happened in 1817

Barra AirportBarra Airport is one of the most unusual in the world, on the Scottish island of Barra . In fact, it is both the airport and the beach . This is the only airport in the world where planes take off and sit directly on the beach , right on pisku.Plyazh was used as airport since June 1933, and in August 1936 was established regular flights to the island . Three runways at the beach marked with wooden legs tags . Timetable closely related to future tides for emergency landing at night using special lighting lights and reflective tape.

Castle Hlamys (Glamis Castle)Castle Hlmys (Glamis Castle) now looks quite different, as it was conceived in the construction of a 1,400- year. Originally it was built on a standard L- plan castle lord middling - a little , rising knight , maybe Baron's level , although this particular title owners lock ever had. However, the title of baron in Scotland of course replaced the title " Lord ". L- plan as a means to an extension of the double tower , one of the other perpendicular . From this tower and originally consisted Hlmys . Castles by L- Plan were very popular in Scotland, built them in England, and Ireland, and Italy , even in Romania.

Eilean DonanEilean Donan - meaning " Island of Donan " small island in Loch Dyuyh (Loch Duich), located near the village of Dorn (Dornie) in the Western Highland (Highlands). This island is one of the most famous castles of Scotland - Castle ylen Donan (Eilean Donan Castle). One of the most fotohrafyruemyh castles in the country Highlanders was destroyed during Yakobytskyh uprisings and revived again in the XX century to become an icon of Scotland. Now the castle is open to visitors and one can touch the stones of its history ... Island ylen Donan takes its name from St. Donan , also known as the Donnan of yha (Donnan of Eigg), which was Celtic priest and tried to preach Christianity among pyktov in northwestern Scotland

Loch LomondThe first miracle - it's Loch Lomond. On it there are sixty islands, inhabited by people, and it is surrounded on all sides by cliffs and sixty on any of them to an eagle's nest, and in this lake sixty rivers flow into and out of it flows into the sea is only one, which is called leading to issue.