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Top 10 Destinations to visit in 2017

A little bit of color, some culture, wonderful sights and a very happening buzz this is our list of the top destinations to visit in 2017.

CubaFidel Castro and Havana cigars, blue-finned tail lights on a large old fashioned car, houses washed in pastel colors and red posters with Che Guevaras face. The sun shines on golden beaches, and the snazzy beachfront hotels are busy through the year, and Cubas history lives on. Visit before Cuba truly dies.

ChicagoThe city of Chicago has slowly but surely come into its own - a city that buzzes with energy, much like New York but without the crowds. The Magnificent Mile makes for an interesting walk and is great for shoppers as well as down window shoppers and for art lovers the Art Institute of Chicago is bound to enthrall. Chicago is a vibrant city and offers something for everyone!

Rio de Janeiro

The rhythmic rumba, the sandy beaches of Copacabana with bronzed bodies gleaming in the sun, the joie de vivre of the Brazilians is unmistakable. Rio is touted as the party place and there is no doubting that. Samba your way down the streets and have the time of your life!

BerlinA city of contrasts the old buildings of the chancery, the iconic Brandenburg Gate juxtaposed by modernity in the thriving club scene in Berlin that is dubbed the best in Europe

RigaCulture vultures will drown in the art that engulfs the city. The towering spires of old churches, the Art Noveau buildings in the city center, the medieval Riga Cathedral and the beautiful museums holding priceless works of art all go towards the city earning its title as the European Capital of Culture.

IndiaIndia is a vast, vast country with a smorgasbord of interesting places, heritage and culture on offer. From the upper reaches of scenic Kashmir to the tip of Kanyakumari in the south, the temples of Khajuraho to the beaches of Goa, the iconic Taj Mahal to sights. One visit to India, and you will be hooked for life

ScotlandBagpipes and kilts, malt whiskies and tranquil lochs Scotland is so much more with its traditions and myths that are inextricably entwined with the lives of the local people. all filled with secrets and history, landscapes that will take your breath away, Scotland is all this and so much more!

BelgiumChocolates and lace are what come to mind when Belgium is mentioned. Quaint towns like Ghent and Bruges are replete with canals and lace making is still in vogue. its almost a culture! Musium, gardens, palaces, churches Belgium is beautiful. Of that there is no doubt!

SeychellesIts not for no reason that Prince William and his bride honeymooned here a few years ago it is an archipelago of 115 islands and is totally secluded. it all is the perfect holiday destination with its fabulous beaches, turquoise waters and a worm friendly people.

South AfricaWith all the ingredients that go towards making it a wound Beaches on the coastline, wine trails of Stellenbosch, the spectacular scenic Garden Route, earful vacation destination, Joburg and its vibrant atmosphere, Kruger where one can hope to get to sight the Big Five.

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