Top 10 coolest place in the philippines

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Eco-tourism under : Josefino Tulabing Larena ,CPS,CPE,MPA



2. BAGUIOInspired by the British Raj, American colonists built asanatorium in the chilly heights of Benguet Province in1903 for heat-oppressed, homesick soldiers. 3. TAGAYTAYTagaytay is to Manila what the Hamptons are to New York City.Just more than an hour from Manila, this city hosts second homesof the capital's well off, who are drawn to the lower temps andauthoritative views of Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano inthe world. 4. SAGADAEpiscopal missionaries resided in Sagada in the 1900s,where they were pleased to discover the climate wascool enough to grow lemons. 5. DON SALVADOR BENEDICTO"Little Baguio" is used to describe pretty much anyplace in the Philippines with any coniferous vegetationwhatsoever. 6. CANLAON CITYCanlaon City rivals Don Salvador Benedicto as NegrosIsland's summer capital.At 2,600 feet above sea level at the foot of Canlaon Volcano,the city experiences a cool micro-climate warmed up by hotsprings that dot the terrain. 7. DAVAO CITYEncompassing 244,000 hectares, Davao City on the island ofMindanao takes in towering mountains and dramatic greenlandscapes, as opposed to the heaven-scraping high-rises andconcrete jungles that dominate other large Philippine cities. 8. LANTAPANSplayed on a high plateau, Bukidnon province is full of coollocales, such as the provincial capital Malaybalay (another"Little Baguio") and Dahilayan, a foggy barangay turnedzipline resort. 9. MARAWIIn a predominantly Catholic, tropical country, Marawi is anoddity, as much for its largely Muslim populace as its climate.Mosques and torogans (royal houses) dot the city. 10. BANAUEBanaue is one of four towns in Ifugao province that make up theUNESCO-listedRice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras. 11. LAKE SEBUWith its flotilla of lilies and schools of tilapia fish, Lake Sebuon the island of Mindanao is full of postcard-caliber beauty.Even better, the namesake town feels good on the skin, withtemperatures seldom warmer than 77 F (25 C). 12. THANK YOU SO MUCH Visit Canlaon City year 2015