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  1. 1. Tibet Travel guide- '- n u " ' - l T r- - , , Q : ' M . l l l ,_ . -.W, "7. l l .u*: .'r _ f?. l l i,- i __ . .. - i," n ,2.u),r. n ' Y .7? V I;a?7 v x v.f!q " r ' - " _ '11 _ D ,1 - _ vdd. ' J '__. __r__ J ,4.- . . li,v _ .4 ' " '- . - -.47"):' .-> o iTIBET is one of the rotos most epttraordinariy destinations and there lS adventure indeed lurling around almost each and every cornerLhasa The capital lies high in the arid viildemess of the Tibetan mountains;its name the "Roof ci the Jilond ' is no ide statement.The valley oottoms o" Tibet are higher than the highest mountains elsewhere.lts show covered plateaus are the highest in the vior d and apart from the Everest.Wfllh Tibetans see from the other side many mountains are over SCDJ feetGeneral Travel InformationFacts for the traveler:To 'v'lSl Tibet.the legendali forbidden land on the ro-of of the world.has been the dream of many fr/ esterners. Getting there: By air:Kathmandu - gonggar a o'i'lC9-'-'o'er. l'_. " ight operates between Kathmandu ard Lhasa from the beginning of April through October and sometimes till filoventber depending upon the weather condicons.The 55 minute fight offers spectacular views ofthe FllTlalay-S and the southern Tioetan pvateauBy road:an approach that has great appeal for hardy an-d ad-ienturous travelers is to enter or leave Tioet by road,following the footsteps of eazplorers who for more than a century tred iard usually failed;to reach Lnasa Overland. Visa:the Chinese governments cirohibits individual travelerto visit Tibet.The Chinese embassy will only issue visas to travelers on group tours i. e lfthere is a single tourist or a tourist group of less then D5 par then they vii-. ll have to join a group in order to ge:a visa. ln addition to the visa,it is necessary to obtain an aliens tr.vel permit for travel in Tibet.Please carry Os:passport size photographs smaller us dollars denominations for faster complet: ons of visa formal tres, Customs regulations:art objects and antigues in Tioet fall un-der special restrictions forbidding their export Anything made before 1959 is considered an antique.Rtggs may be bought and eiaporeo so may the small relzgious objects that are sold ln open mariets providing onuy one or two are talcen as souvenirs.Customs officials have been linoivn to confiscate jeuvelery or other objects if tney consider thai a tourist has purchased too muchClimate,clothing and equipment:Tibet is colo in JAMES-F cool in summer and generally dry,receiving Onl, 450 ntillinteters or rain or snow,Stinignt is extremely intense.The thin air neither bloc-s nor nclds heat.so sunshine feels warm Shadows are chill-y.and temperatures can var; - greatly Wlil a (lay exceeding 29 degree Celsius i84 fl in desert areas in summer.and plunging below 4 degree Celsius i40 fi the same night.The most pleasant months for tourism are from April to October. Clothing should be simple and consist of layers.which can be added or removed as the tentperature vanes during the day A wamt winobrealter and stout comfortable shoes are especealyv recommended Formal attire such as a ne-cl-tie or dress ls never needed - trousers and sweaters are the style. -. hasa now has many phamtacies sellrng Tibetan.Chinese and some viesterns medlcines but it is advisable to bring yoor ouvn contorehensive rst-aid r-l,sunglasses with good ultra-vtcilet protection sun oloc and lio cream and a flashlight is important because many interesting sights are pooriy iitTransportation:there are no air routes "within Tibet The distances are huge and the only recommended mode of transportacon ls hiring the vehicles from the travel agent. Altitude 8. health tips: Traveling in Tibet is an adventure l/ Olvlg high altitude and could be strenuoios.Rilhle most visitors have only minor effects from the altitude.ave advise specially the guests uvith l. no'. 'in hearl or lungs or blood diseases to consult their doctor before trai'eling_ dilo headache,fewer,oss of appette or stomach disorder can taae place in a process of ac:llmatization.Our advice for better acciimatization drnlz 4 liters.Of uvater minimum a day do not exhaust you so much.breathe deep and tale res:more than usualEmergency evacuation:senously . ll traveers should not consider trying to leave Tbet by road,as the diftculties and uncertainues ofsuch a joumey pose unacceptabfe rislts.Your onzy choice is O y. Money:banls in Tibechina are closed on SSuFGJ 8. Sun-day So ou are mn-dzy requested to carril about US S G per person in cash over and above the tour cost to cover your extra ezapenses Tor main meals and others en route until Lhasa.lfit is cash dolars.even local people help you to get them e-zchanged in Chinese Yuan.Travelers cheques 8. credit cards are very difficult to oe cashed outside the bahas especially Outside Lhasa.The unit of currency ls Yuan.usss l:3 Yuan. Communications:international ma. l is reliab'e and quize fast if sen:by airmiail ldd phone and fa:services are available in up marxet hotels. Documentation S.Visa: You must be in possesslon ofa valid passport.We will obtain our visa for Tibet.and tre following information when mailing your reservation- Full tilame las i:appears in the passporti - Passport Number - Date Of issue- Place Of issue