Things to do in london in diwali 2013

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Let's Celebrate a biggest Hindu festival , Diwali in London with given things to do in London in Diwali and it's sure , you will going to enjoy , one of the memorable events of life.

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  • 1. Diwali is a festival of light and is one of the major festivals of the Indian communities spread around the world. In London, Diwali as the festival of light is celebrated with great fun and fare, by the Indian communities settled London and other various part of England. Interestingly, even the foreign land, the Diwali is hosted at Trafalgar Square every year, which attracts thousands of Indians settle in various parts of London and England. During this time of the year, Trafalgar Square various types of entertaining programs organized by the Indian communities of London, which include music concerts, dance etc. All this show is organized performed by the Indian communities settled in London. You can taste exotic and mouthwatering Indian food and other Indian dishes and the activities and performance of Indian children and women. Some of the restaurants in London offer special Indian menu for Diwali in their restaurants. For this they especially fly Indian cook from India to prepare mouthwatering and exotic Indian dishes. Diwali is an important event of Indian settled round the world and in India, But in London, the Trafalgar Square is converted into mini India during the festival, as entire Indian community living in London converge on the fare ground. At this time you have a feeling of living in India. Diwali is of special significance for the entire Hindu community including Guajaratis, Sikhs, Jain, South Indian and Maharastrian and Marwaris its living in London and other overseas countries. Diwali represents the victory of the good over the evil when hundreds and thousands of lamps are lighted to

2. ward off evil forces. The festival is enthusiastically celebrated as it is a new beginning and renewal of commitment to family values, symbolizing joys, love, reflection, resolution and forgiveness. It is a true fact that Diwali lights up knowledge. The Indian festival of lights, Diwali is generally celebrated in the month of October or November; however the actual date varies from year to year. You would be surprised to know that during the Diwali, entire London turns into mini India for a short while to find every Indian in Londoners exchanging gifts and Diwali wishes among each other and even with English men. This merry making event of Diwali at Trafalgar Square of become one of the memorable events of life, when you see Indian of various origins converge on the ground from various corners of London and other parts of England to celebrate Diwali and also enjoying things to do in London at night during Diwali. One of the very interesting parts of Diwali celebration in London is that Most of the English man enjoys Indian dishes and verities of Indian Food which is easily available at these events. For that English man having an interest in Indian culture can have the opportunity of watching them. As Diwali of London is not only for Indian it is the events which the English also love and enjoy and they never miss to enjoy things to do in London in Indian style which is more entertaining than London Festivals. Londonthisweekend 2 Granbournw Road Walsall West Midlands WS2 0NR United Kingdom 00-800-11-20-11-40