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Yosemite National Park for Eighth-grade first chapter English Language Palestinian curriculum

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  • 1. Yosemite NationalPark

2. Located in California in theUnited States of America, itpasses the Merced River bya narrow valley. 3. YosemiteNationalPark Map 4. The Yosemite includes many of themost important waterfalls, UpperYosemite Fall and Lower YosemiteFall. It includes nearly 130 species offlowering plants and about 31species of trees, including pineforests ,cedar, and also containsabout 220 species of birds. 5. The Wildlife 6. Black Bear Mule DeerCoyoteMarmotRattlesnake 7. Great-GreyOwlStellars JayRavenPeregrineFalcon 8. MercedRiver inYosemiteNationalPark 9. Yosemitevalley 10. RiverTolmn inYosemiteNationalPark 11. MirrorLake inYosemiteNationalPark 12. VinrlFallsinYosemiteNationalPark 13. Student work : Mohmad.QabajaGrade :8th - B -Under the supervision of the aparameter : AnwarBadawi