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1. Choose Suhail Tours for Great Zanzibar Vacation Packages! Looking for Zanzibar vacation packages? Well, Zanzibar is such a wonderful destination that allures tourist in hunt of magnificent white sand beaches, temperate turquoise sea, incredible diving & rich cultural inheritance. Its home to Stone Town whichs an exciting old city of contracted, winding alleyways & stone coral buildings. Tourists to Zanzibar usually spend their spare time while diving, swimming, snorkeling and exploring the beaches . The Zanzibar Island features more than thirty immaculate beaches with several hotels that provide lodging ranging from average to luxury. Therere remains & ruins of the Arabs all through the islet comprising palaces, historic Prison Islet and Persian baths. In fact, the history plays an important part in Zanzibars tourism. Therere several activities thatll enable you to discover the history of this islet such as seeing the remains, visiting the popular Stone Town and different excitement tours. As therere so many wonderful beaches, theres an immense range of water sports provided in Zanzibar. Some of the finest beaches could be discovered on the East Coast and the North Coast. 2. Spice Tour: The island of Zanzibar is also renowned for its spice tours. Travelers can take pleasure while visiting different coconut & spice plantations inside the islet. Also Zanzibar is renowned for its assortment of spices thatre utilized to prepare foods, medicines and cosmetics. Some of the nice fruits accessible in this islet are banana, jackfruit, breadfruit and jackfruit. The spices accessible here comprise black pepper, nutmeg, clove, coriander and vanilla. Also Zanzibar is very well known for its seaweed and salt farms that might be visited by travelers on request. Suhail Tours make your travelling very simple: With all such offerings, you must be wondering which tour operator is offering best Zanzibar vacation packages. Here at Suhail Tours you can find a comprehensive range of Zanzibar holiday packages that suits your budget. If you are looking for flexible and affordable holiday packages to Zanzibar from South Africa, then Suhail Tours should be your ultimate destination. They also offer special packages for Zanzibar hotels & accommodations, Zanzibar weddings, Zanzibar fishing Trip, Zanzibar Student Packages, group booking and a lot more. By dealing with Suhail Tours you can also get special discount on Zanzibar villas, hotels and resorts, Zanzibar honeymoon packages, domestic and international flight ticket and much more. As long as you are dealing with such tour operator, you dont have to be worried about your tourist guide, reservation of accommodation and means of transport in a new destination. No matter what kind of budget you have, they have Zanzibar vacation packages that suit both your requirement and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Call them now to enjoy this summer in the best of beaches. SUHAIL TOURS & TRAVEL PO.Box 4591 Tel: +255 24 2235036 Mobile: +255 777 491735 Email : , Follow Us: