Premium northern lights

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Premium Northern Lights

Premium Northern Lights

An ideal retreat for the inquisitive in search of the aurora borealis.Travel with us on a quest for one of natures most beautiful natural phenomena. Witness this breathtaking display, as the auroras dance across the nights sky and light up the heavens. This majestic rhythm is on displays during the darker months of the year, from September to April.

Iceland Intros professional guides have extensive experience of the region. They will share not only the must see sites but local knowledge, great stories and personal recommendations.

The duration of the tour is 3-5 hours.We take you from the buzz and the lights of the city and head into the quiet darkness of the countryside to enjoy the natural spectacle of the aurora borealis

Travel with Iceland Intro will make your experience unforgettable and feeling like a local during the tour.

Our destinations are different from day to day as we always head in the direction where we have the greatest chance of catching the lights. It can be a hunt, and we have a team of skilled hunters who do their utmost to provide you with the most enjoyable experience as possible. In the rare cases where we do not see the northern lights, you are welcome to join another northern lights tour free of charge.

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