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  • 1. ,,MY DREAM HOLIDAY Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40

2. 1. On my dream 2. Why Japan? 3. Why Kyoto? 4. Breathtaking views 5. Ryoan-ji 6. Ryoan-ji 7. Kinkaku-ji 8. Kinkaku-ji 9. Kiyomizu-dera 10. Castle Nijo 11. . Castle Nijo INDEKS 12. Castle Nijo 13. Castle Nijo 14. On the right- 15. Castle Nijo 16. Castle Nijo 17. Castle Himeji-jo 18. Castle Himeji-jo 19. Castle Himeji-jo 20. A panoramic view 21. Sanjusangendo temple 22. About Author Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 3. On my dream holiday I would like to go to Japan... 4. Why Japan? I am fascinated by Japanese culture and tradition. I also know some words in Japanese. If I were to choose the place I would go to Kyoto dictrict... Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 5. Why KYOTO? Because Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, and has a reputation as its most beautiful city and district. The tradition mixes up with the modern world in the city. We can discover Kyoto's beauty in the temples and parks which sorrounds the city center. There is a lot of places worth seeing in Kyoto. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 6. Breathtaking views of Kyoto 7. RYOAN-JI If I`ll be in Kyoto, I would go to the Ryoan-ji temple and to the stone garden. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 8. RYOAN-JI Ryoan-ji is The Temple of the Dragon at Peace. The Ryoan-ji garden is considered as one of the finest surviving examples of dry landscape. Rock formations and pebbles are characteristic for the garden. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 9. KINKAKU-JI Kinkaku-ji or Rokuon-ji, it`s another temple. It has wonderful views. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 10. KINKAKU-JI Kinkaku-ji is known as a Temple of the Golden Pavilion. The garden around the temple is impressive. It is considered to be a classical age of Japanese garden design. It is also one of the most popular buildings in Japan, attracting a lot of visitors every year. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 11. KIYOMIZU-DERA It`s a temple which is situated on a mountain Otowa. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 12. CASTLE NIJO It`s a beautiful castle. It has a large garden and two palaces. If I would be there I`ll be exploring this wonderful place for several days. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 13. CASTLE NIJO Gate to Ninomaru Palace It is a castle, with two rings of fortifications, the Ninomaru Palace, the ruins of the Honmaru Palace, various support buildings and several gardens. The surface area of the castle is 275,000 square meters. Here we can admire the main gate to Ninomaru Palace. 14. CASTLE NIJO - Fortifications The fortifications of Nijo Castle has got a wall and a wide moat. The outer wall has three gates while the inner wall has two. Here we can see the inner walls and moat of the Nijo Castle. 15. CASTLE NIJO Ninomaru Palace Ninomaru Palace has got five connected separate buildings. The decoration includes rich gold leaf and elaborate wood carvings. They impress visitors with the power and wealth of the shoguns. The doors and walls of each room are decorated with wall paintings. 16. On the right- the plan of the Castle Nijo On the left- the plan of the Ninomaru Palace 17. CASTLE NIJO Honmaru Palace Honmaru Palace is on the area of 1600 square meters. The complex has four parts: living quarters, reception and entertainment rooms, entrance halls and kitchen area. The different areas are connected by corridors and courtyards. The palace displays paintings by several famous masters, such as Kano Eigaku. 18. CASTLE NIJO Garden In the castle area there is a beautiful garden with cherry Japanese plum trees. The garden has a large pond with three islands and features numerous carefully placed stones and pine trees. 19. CASTLE HIMEJI-JO This castle is the most beautiful in the whole district of Kioto. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 20. CASTLE HIMEJI-JO Himeji Castle is a complex located on a hill in Himeji. The castle is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture. 21. CASTLE HIMEJI-JO wonderful views of the castle 22. A panoramic view of the castle grounds, with Himeji city in the foreground 23. SANJUSANGENDO TEMPLE It`s an amazing temple and I would like to visit it one day. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40 24. ABOUT AUTHOR I`m Anna Kozowska. I go to primary school number 40 in Wrocaw. I`m in 6th year and I like learning English. Anna Kozowska kl. VI SP nr 40