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Make Travel Easy

Your City Spot

Flights with Friends allows users to book airfare and accommodations for large groups. It's a lot easier than booking one flight and telling the rest of your party to do the same. Users can chat with each other, sort through options, and vote before making their selection.


Roomer allows users to list their rooms on the website at a discounted rate instead of losing out completely on a nonrefundable hotel stay. This is obviously ideal for last-minute travelers looking to score a major deal on a hotel, and for buyers looking to earn some of their money back.


Hailo is a quick way to hail a cab without actually hailing. Basically, users traveling in major cities like London, Dublin, Toronto, and Tokyo can call a taxi with just two clicks. The app has a built-in GPS so you can track your ride and when you've reached your destination, no need to pay in cash. Users are charged within the app and receive an email receipt.


Onavo Extend works to shrink the amount of data used during a trip by routing it through their own servers. Onavo Count keeps tabs on how you are using that data. Instead of receiving a shocking bill post-trip, at least you'll have a good idea of what you owe.

Your City Spot

Targeted toward young professionals, this is a one-stop shop for finding a destination's most popular and trendy hotels, bars, and nightclubs.The app just launched though, so more cities will be added soon. Users can browse through different venues and view menus, prices, recommended attire, and other helpful info to get them through the door.

Track My Tour

Track My Tour will create a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family. After downloading the app, users can create a map and share it with their loved ones back home. Along the way, users mark up the map with photos of all the different sights and attractions visited. It works as a real-time travel journal, and once you're back at home it sort of evolves into an online scrapbook of all your amazing adventures.

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