Let's Get 'Wild': 6 Adventure Activities To Do In & Around Maharahstra

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Lets Get Wild: 6 Adventurous Things To Do In &amp; Around Maharashtra</p> <p>1) Trekking There are about 150 forts in MaharashtraSome treks have 2-3 different routesIve been trekking since 2009 and have completed around 40 treks/trips</p> <p>Some of my best treks</p> <p>Dudhsagar Waterfall</p> <p>Matheran Via Garbett Point</p> <p>Matheran via One Tree Hill</p> <p>Harishchandragad</p> <p>Irshalgad</p> <p>Vikatgad</p> <p>Some info about trekkingwww.mumbaihikers.com is the site to goIt lists all trekking groups and trekking plansTreks start at Rs.300 and go on till Rs.1200Some treks are also for two days/overnight and are a bit expensiveAll you need is a good trekking shoe, a trekking bag &amp; determinationCampus trekking starts at Rs.800 and is a good bet Important to go with a group initially Best time to trek is monsoon and winterGo on a night trek also during winter. Maazza aata hai</p> <p>2) Waterfall rappelling Vihi, Dudhiware and some other placesExtreme adrenaline rush (Basically, fat jaati hai) </p> <p>Waterfall Rappelling at Vihi</p> <p>3) ParaglidingHappens at Kamshet near Lonavala during November-DecemberIts like flying without wings</p> <p>Kamshet Paragliding</p> <p>4) Camping Happens at many placesBasically tent mein raat ko rehte hain</p> <p>5) Water raftingHappens at KoladI had an average experience but still its worth trying</p> <p>6) Giant SwingNext on my wish listHappens at Sandhan Valley </p> <p>Giant Swing Video (Courtesy: Stoned Eye Production) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ0ChoivaK4</p> <p>Thank You, Torture ends Questions, anyone?</p> <p>Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn Pankaj Sabnani </p>