It's a Fun To Spend Holiday In Mumbai

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  1. 1. It's A Fun To Spend Holiday In Mumbai Mumbai the city of dream attracts a large number of tourist every year. Some come for sight seeing, some for pilgrimage and some for job opportunities. The city which rarely sleeps in night witness the homes of rich people abounds in wealth as well as those suffering from extreme poverty. Being the capital of the Indian entertainment industry, it attracts a large numbers of fan who comes to have a glimpse of their favorite stars. The list of tourist spots, which converts the city of dream to favorite holiday destination are listed below: Mumbai High Court Enhance your historical knowledge by taking a view of magnificent building of Mumbai high court. This is one of the oldest high courts of India built in the years between 1871 and 1878. This Gothic style of architecture is one of the major attractions of holiday in Mumbai. Babunath Temple Get the tranquility and peace of mind by visiting the religious place like Babunath Temple located next to Girgaum Chowpatty at the end of marine drive. Lovely and beautiful surrounding makes the place worth visiting. The temple remind the period of 1780 with its marvelous architecture. This temple is devoted to lord Shiva. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat is also known as a massive open air laundry. You will love to see the place where the dirty cloths of the entire city people is get hand-washed by the hard working laundrymen. You will surprise to know that this dhobi ghat has a historical importance. It was built in 1890 for catering the large population of English and Parsi people. Essel World You will never want to miss the thrilling experience in Essel World, which is also known as the best amusement park of the country. Gift this unique experience of thrilling and excitement to your friends and relatives by contacting This park is designed on international pattern and it attracts the people of all age groups who love to thrill. Hence, you will love to enjoy the exciting and thrilling experience in Essel World along with family, friend and children. It has different types of ride for different age group. There are family rides, adult rides and children rides. This is one of the important ways of enjoying holiday in Mumbai. Flora Fountains This architectural masterpiece is located at Fort, Dadabhai Naoroji Road of south Mumbai. You will love to enjoy the lighting associated with the fountain during the evening time. Enrich your historical knowledge by viewing this marble masterpiece containing Flora, the Roman goddess of beauty and spring at the center. This is a living example of neo-classical and neo-gothic architecture. Sea Promenade You will get mesmerized by the eye-catching view of 4.3 kms sea promenade along the Marine Drive. This necklace-shaped area is amazing for the leisure walk during morning and evening time. It provides the awesome view of the Arabian Sea along with the cool breeze and the beautiful sunset. You will not want to miss the scene of the sea waves splashes onto the rock during the monsoon season.