Israel – so what is it all about?

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Israel presentation in Georgia (Sportship project)


  • 1. Israel so what is it all about?

2. What is the size of Israel? 22,072 km^2 3. How many people live in Israel? 7,465,500 4. There are three main religions in Israel:

  • Judaism (75%)
  • Islam (17%)
  • Christianity (2%)
  • And others, like: Bedouins, Druze, Baha'i,etc.

5. Christianity

  • As you all know, there are many holy places forChristians in Israel:
  • Via Delarosa
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre

6. Islam

  • Important places for the Islam:
  • Dome of the Rock
  • Al-Aqsa Mosque

7. Judaism

  • Is a term used to express religious, culture, nation and ethnic group.
  • The holy book of Judaism is the Bible, which is composed of 24 smaller books.
  • There are 13 million Jews around the world.

8. But not all Jews are the same:

  • Secular
  • Masorti (Traditional)
  • Religious Zionist
  • Haredy Ultra Orthodox

9. The most important place for Jews

  • Is the Western Wall, the only remains of the second temple (70 CE).
  • The site is located in the old
  • City of Jerusalem.

10. Jewish Holidays

  • The Hebrew calendar
  • Rosh hashana
  • Yom kippur
  • Purim
  • Passover

11. kashrut

  • What is Kosher?
  • The Hebrew wordkoshermeans "fit. Foods that are fit for a Jew to eat.
  • In the Bible the Jews were given rules and by following them we obey Gods intentions.
  • There are advantages such as health benefits,
  • humane treatment of animals, unifying effect and a shield against assimilation.

12. The kosher basics

  • The meat, milk and eggs of certain species of animal are permitted for consumption. In addition, a series of laws govern how the animal should be killed and which parts of the animal can be eaten.
  • Meat and milk are never combined. Separate utensils are used for each, and a waiting period of 1-6 hours is observed between eating them.
  • Fruits, vegetables and grains
  • are basically always kosher,
  • but must be insect free.


  • Bet Knesset the Jewish house of prayer

14. The importance of Shabbat (Saturday )

  • The meaning of the word is rest.
  • Shabbatis observed from Fridays sundown until Saturdays sundown.
  • Jewish law prohibits doing many forms on Shabbat.

15. Questions?