India’s top 10 Adventure sports and Activities

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Tourism in India is one of the fast growing industries which showcase the country in its true spirit.


  • 1. Indias top 10 AdventureIndias top 10 Adventure sports and Activitiessports and Activities

2. Tourism in India is one of the fast growing industries which showcase the country in its true spirit. In India you can find physical, mental and spiritual relaxation and this is the main reason for the Indian tourism to grow in leaps and bounds recently. India is the ideal country to enjoy sightseeing along with the involvement in the right adventure sports. 3. Skiing Among the top 5 adventure sports in India, skiing is enjoyed by most of the youth who want thrilling experience on the snow clad Himalayas.Kashmir, Shimla, Uttarakhandis popular for snow sports such as skiing, snow boarding and ice skating. The frozen lakes of Kashmir are ideal for ice skating whereas the deep valleys are ideal for hiking. 4. River rafting The next among the top 5 adventure sports in India is river rafting. The gushing Ganges along with its tributaries provides white water rafting and other water sports to the tourists. The great rivers from Himalayas like Bhagirathi, Sutlej and Chandrabhaga are highly dangerous in some places. The river flow provides all the thrill and adventure to the tourists more than sufficient. Kullu and Manali also are excellent places for the adventure tours in India with the kayaking and river rafting. 5. Mountaineering Another one among the top 5 adventure sports is mountaineering. All the Uttarkhand areas are popular with the Himalayan peaks, the best place for every serious mountaineer to try at least once in his lifetime. These peaks are either covered with rocky hills and lush green meadows or by forest. Only experienced mountaineers will try these adventure activities in India. Along with mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, skiing and hiking are enjoyed in these places. 6. Trekking Trekking, one of the top 5 adventure sports in India, is enjoyed mostly in the Northeastern India. Especially Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland is capable of offering excellent experiences which are rare and wild. These states are full with beautiful valleys brimming with superb flora and fauna. The Bomdila Dirang trek, Se La Nuranang trek and the Twang Mago Trek are the popular destinations that offer beautiful trekking along with adventure caving. 7. Scuba Diving This adventure sport is the top 5 adventure sports in India which is enjoyed at the Andaman and Nicobar islands. These islands have fantastic beaches and plenty of unexplored nature offering snorkeling and scuba diving. Among the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Havelock Island is popular for its underwater sports and adventure activities in India. 8. Flying Fox Flying Fox, one of the next adventure sports in India, is popular in Kerala. This is actually a trip above the rivers, hills and valleys strongly tied with ultra-strong zip lines. This is really an adventure trip enabling the visitor breathtaking view from the above. Apart from these sports, there are valley crossing and trampoline in Kerala. 9. Bungee Jumping This adventure sport is available in Karnataka. This is the new sport which is fast gaining popularity. Some of the other destinations in India are Rishikesh in Uttaranchal, Mysore in Karnataka and Arjuna village in Goa offer bungee jumping, one of the youngest and exciting adventures in India. 10. Paragliding The most exciting activity in the next top 5 adventure sports in India is the Paragliding. Maharashtra and the surrounding Western Ghats provide the most suitable atmosphere for Paragliding. Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Kamshet are the popular destinations in Maharashtra for Paragliding. 11. Water Sports The ideal place for adventure activities in India in and on the water is Goa, near the Arabian Sea. Swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling, parasailing and kayaking all are popular in the sea beaches of Goa. 12. Rock Climbing Madhya Pradesh has the best rock climbing destinations like Rappling Valley Crossing, Chenderi, Panchmarhi and Jabalpur within the Satpura ranges. Along with rock climbing, boat racing one of the adventure activities in India, is offered in Bhopal, the capital of MadhyaPradesh.