How To Efficiently Manage Your Resources [Rezdy Academy Webinar]

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Many tour operators and activity providers are faced with the issue of efficient resource management. How can you manage your resources in such a way that you can maximize revenue without overbooking? This is your chance to learn: What can be defined as a resource How to organize your resources How to automate resource management


  • 1. 31st July, 2014 Starts at 10am AEST How To Efficiently Manage Your Resources

2. Kim Beresford Customer Success Manager, Rezdy WEBINAR PRESENTER Christabelle Tani Marketing Manager, Rezdy WEBINAR MODERATOR 3. Type your comments and questions into this box. We will address it at the end of the webinar. On Twitter use the hashtag #rezdyacademy JOINING IN TODAY 4. Resource management allows you to achieve maximum revenue with the resources you have at hand 5. AGENDA Understand what a resource is 2 3 Know what you have to work with Automate the resource management process 1 6. YOU MIGHT BE THINKING... But I dont need to have a resource management system Ill just adjust availability as bookings come! 7. 1 - UNDERSTAND WHAT A RESOURCE IS MAKE LOTS OF SALES - Overbooking (cant service properly) - Underbooking (not making as much profit as reasonably possible) RISKS SERVICE CUSTOMERS WELL 8. WHAT IS A RESOURCE? - Something with limited availability - Required to run your tour or activity product eg. - Equipment - People - Places 1 - KNOW WHAT A RESOURCE IS 9. PLAN FOR EACH PRODUCT - Resources needed for each session - Time period required for each resource per session 2 - KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH 10. PLAN 2 - KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH Include prep time between sessions - Cleaning - Maintenance eg. filling up fuel - Transport time 11. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT WITH YOUR BOOKING SYSTEM 12. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 13. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 14. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 15. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 16. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRIVATE & PUBLIC CHARTER 17. 3 - AUTOMATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BIKE RENTAL 18. NEXT STEPS 1 2 Set up a minimum notice period Full Tutorial: 3 Create a rental (by hour/minute) Full Tutorial: Learn about Rezdys Resource Dependant Calendar Full Tutorial: Dependent-Calendar 19. What would you like the next webinar topic to be about? Automating processes to save time Converting visitors to customers Reducing credit card refunds POLL: 20. ?