How to do just nothing

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  • 1. how to do just nothing

2. Walk A walk in a quiet place gives you time to reflect, observe, and keep off pointless distractions. And anyone can! 3. Trek, Run, Ride Its not only a good workout and a great way to explore pretty places, it also helps you push out noise from inside your head. 4. Read Reading becomes an early casualty as careers and responsibilities suck out time. Its therapeutic and helps time stand still for a bit. 5. Meditate Taking time out for this is tough amongst work, chores and errands. But even a few minutes heal. 6. A lot can happen over coffee.Or Scrabble. Togetherness is important. Making coffee can become an un-task, if used to spend time together. Or playing board games. 7. Sit around a bonfire Its amazing how long you can hang around and just stare at the warm flames and then embers. Especially on cold nights. 8. WriteIt makes you think slow. Ofcourse, this is the kind you dowithout looming deadlines :) 9. SleepWhen you do it because you feellike, not must. Its not a waste oftime but a good use of it.Especially in a hammock! 10. Doing Nothing HelpsWere always rushed.So right now, take two minutesoff, and just try listening toyourself breathe.(Dont count/measure/think ofwhat next.) 11. Were at A good lingering vacation helps! +91-95900-5001