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  2. 2. Goa finds a place in the 2014 CNN Worlds 100 best beaches countdown for its fantastic beaches, awesome beach resorts and the fun factor. If you are looking to relax and hangout with your friends, want to party hard and dance all night long then think no more and head to Goa for its great beaches and wild parties.
  3. 3. This destination has all the elements for a great holiday, state-of-the-art hotels in Goa from 5 Star to budget hotels, groovy discotheque in Goa for those who are looking for a great night out, food and cuisine is amazing at all restaurants in Goa and the drinks pubs in Goa are considered one of the best offering a great combination of cocktails and quick bites. If you are looking for a refreshing holiday experience unlike any other Goa should be the obvious choice.
  4. 4. A holiday in Goa can be experienced to the fullest only by staying at a beach front resort in Goa and there are several amazing resorts to choose from. But one of the most preferred beach hotels in Goa is the Grand Goa Exotica, located in Bardez.
  5. 5. This amazing beach resort scores high on all counts, from the scenic beach settings, to the fine interiors, the sprawling outdoors, awesome sports and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay, a well stocked pub with experienced bartenders to create your favorite drinks, a refreshing swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy, a great in-house restaurant that serves up popular delectable cuisine and incredible rooms with decked up with all modern amenities, note worth room service to keep guests satisfied and all this and much more at unbelievable prices. To sum up the Grand Goa Exotica is a great beach resort in Goa and is a must visit resort destination there.
  6. 6. Goa is also one of the most preferred holiday destinations, because here tourists can experience a variety of activities, the flea markets, beach sports, massage, parties and visit popular spots of interest such as the Portuguese churches of Goa, the Bird watching reserves, the ancient ruins of forts and palaces. Goa also lives up to those tourists who are looking to soak in its nightlife because the discotheques in Goa are among the best in the country, where song dance and drink come together in a symphony of experiences.
  7. 7. As far as drink and wine are concerned the pubs in Goa can quench your thirst with some mind blowing concoctions. Goa is an obvious choice for the avid traveler, even if you have visited Goa there is so much more to explore and experience in Goa which is a beach travel destination unlike other in India and one of the most visited beach destinations globally.
  8. 8. Contact : Head Office 150, Montieth Road, 5th Floor, Cisons Complex, Egmore, Chennai 600008 Tel: 044-28588550 Fax: 044-28554812 Reservation Office Survey No:170/88 Near Mount Guirim High School, Arradi, Guirim, Bardez, North Goa - 403507