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Himachal Pradesh Map OfAbout Himachal PradeshRenowned as Deva Bhumi (the land of gods)Beautiful landscapes having fresh water lakes, gushing rivers, snow capped mountains, flowers and fruits laden trees, glaring and colorful diversity of culture, arts, living style of people etc make Himachal Pradesh, a tourist's paradise.Himachal Pradesh was accredited as a Union Territory in in 1950 and after the state of Himachal Pradesh act in 1971, it was emerged as the 18th state of India.19th century the British exercised their influence and annexed the areas of ShimlaHimachal is situated in the heart of western Himalayas after the Gurkha War of 1815-16.History:After Indian Independence, a Union Territory of Hill states was created. It primarily consituted of hill states around ShimlaHimachal Pradesh became a full fledged state of the Republic of India on January 25, 1971.The literacy rate of the state is 63% now and is improving every decade.Himachal is literally a power house when it comes to hydro-electricity.

PeopleMost of the people in Himachal depend on agriculture for livelihoodThe folk songs of Himachal Pradesh are full of charm. They are usually based on a religious or a romantic themeMost of the children study at government run public schools. There are many private schools at Shimla and other parts of Himachal In general people of Himachal Pradesh are honest, truthful, gentle, and good humored.Most of the people in Himachal are Hindus. There is a sizable number of Buddhists who live in Himachal.Hinduismpracticed in the areas of Himachal that are closer to the northern plains is very similar to the Hinduism practiced in the plains.

www.glacialadventures.netForestForest in Himachal cover an area of about 21,325sq.km. i.e. about 38.3 of the total area of the state. The state government is aiming to provide green cover to 50% of the total area.

AgricultureAgriculture contributes over 45% to the net state domestic productThe main cereals grown are wheat, maize, rice and barleyproduction such as seed-potato, ginger, vegetables, vegetable seeds, mushrooms, chicory seeds, hops, olives and fig Fruit cultivation is another field which has proved to be an economic boon to the farmersHimachal has earned the name of the 'Apple State of India'.Himachal Pradesh is often called the fruit bowl of the country. Apples, Pomegrenade, Peaches, Cheery and Lichi are few of the major fruit produces of the statehe

Wildlife in HimachalOak, Deodar, Blue Pine, Fir, Adlers, Birch and Spruce are the main variety of trees spread in the mountains.Forests of Himachal are home to several wild animals too.Last estimated, there are over 1500 bird and 350 animal species in the state. This includes the leopards, the rare snow Leopards, Ghoral, Musk Deer and Monal. The state boasts of largest number of wildlife sanctuaries in Northern India. It has 11 major national parks and sanctuaries.

Fairs and FestivalsEach district has its own sequence of annual fairs which are connected with the historical and sociological background of that areaFestivals:Pori Festival, Fulaich, Lohadi, Dussera, Holi, Chaitti, Chaitraul, Basora or Bishu, Minjar, Rakhadumni (Rakhi), Gugnaumi, Losar, Sairi, Diwali, Dyali, Khogal,Sajo, Gotsi or Gochi,Karwa Chauth, Khepa, Magha Naun, Faguli Fairs:Sovi Jataras,Fair of Pata, Fairs of Haryali, Nahauli, Fair of Mela Jagra, Minjar, Kahika,Vrajeshwari, Fair of Sikhs,Jwalamukhi, Renuka ,Cattle Fair, Lavi, Chintpuri, Minghal, Sivaratri.

Lavi Mela:

Cattle/Seri Fair:

Renuka Fair:

Summer Festivals, Shimla

Porie Festival:


Some Beautiful pics of Himachal Pradesh

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