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Project ReportOnHeritage Attractions

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Index Introduction Dubai creek Dubai museum Historal Shindagha Jumeirah archaeological sight Al ahmadiya school Jumeriah mosque Bastakiya Naf museum conclusion

introductionThe United Arab Emirates is home to a rich cultural heritage that has been strongly influenced by the resourcefulness of its people who exploited the harsh environment of the region to the limit. This resilience, in the face of extreme hardship, was supported by societys tribal structure, which has bound peoples together since successive waves of migration, beginning over 2,500 years ago, brought Arab tribes to the region. The varied terrain that these peoples inhabited, i.e. desert, oasis, mountains and coast, dictated the traditional lifestyles that evolved over the centuries. Dubai CreekDubai Creek in 1964

The Most unique place for a Tourist in Dubai is Dubai Creek. It is also known as KHOR DUBAI its length is 14.4 kmsHistorically, the creek divided the city into two main sections Deira andBur Dubai. It was along the Bur Dubai creek area that members of theBani Yastribe first settled in the 19th century, establishing theAl Maktoumdynasty in the city.

Dubai Creek In 2013

Dubai Creek looks very colourful at night. Dhow Dinner Cruise also known as Floating Restaurant which Sails On the banks of Dubai Creek. There are some attatactions along the creek side such as Creek Park, SheratonHotel,Bastakiya,SMCU,Spice Souk,Shiekh Saeed House, Heritage & Diving Village.To go from Bur Dubai to Deira there is ARBA that means water taxi which is available as a way of transport.

Dubai Museum

Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1787 to defend the city against the invasion this was said to be Rulers Residence as it renovated in 1971 and become Dubai Museum. It is the best place for the tourist to find out traditional life of Emirate of Dubai before the invention of oil

Dubai Museum has all the history restored of the 17th Century. A Tourist can see all the historic obeject that are stored in the Dubai Museum.it contents of the Palm Tree the room as it was during 17th century,tourist can know about the pealing activity as it used to be at that time,the souk, potteries of 17th century and many more.Historical SHINDAGHAIt was established in 1862,the area quickly acquired a historical importance late 19th Century when the citys population started to increase significantly, at that time urban planning and constructing new residential areas became a new necessity in the city, moreover, Dubais ruling family and most of Bani Yas tribe used to reside in Shindagha since H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hashr relocated to live there at the end of the 19th Century.Al Shindagha Historical district has many heritage tourist attraction : Sheikh Saeeds House Heritage & Diving Village Sheikh Obaid Bin Thani House

Sheikh Obaid bin Thani House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Sheikh Saeeds House : The official residence of Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum,ruler of Dubai (1912-1958) and the grandfather of the present ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has been restored to stand proud again on the Shindagha end of Dubai Creek,it has been listed as the national monument that shows the history of the development of Dubai.Heritage Village : The traditional village is located at the mouth of creek Heritage village offers you the glimpse of Old Dubai back in 1970 where there was no electricity there were 2 types of occupations one being boat builder and other pearl diving.Diving Village : Diving village is a part of an ambitious plan to turn the entire Shindagha area into a cultural microscosm. Recreating life in Dubai as it was in the historical day.Sheikh Obaid bin Thani House : It is another historical house that is situated in Shindagha near Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House it was built in 1916. It is made up of stone & mud with the traditional style windows doors facades.

Jumeirah Archaeological Sight

Jumeirah Archaeological Site is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the UAE, but the problem is, unless you like looking at old sites with nothing to dig up then it is pretty boring as all the artefacts from this area have been dug up by scientists. In the 6th century AD, this site used to be a caravan stop on a route linking Iraq and Oman, as back then the boards where completely different to what they are now in the 21st century. All items including Pottery, tools, coins and other items unearthed/dug up here are displayed at Dubai Museum and the Heritage Village.

Al Ahmadiya School

Al Ahmadiya school was established in 1912 which was the first regular school in Dubai its located in AL Ras DeiraWhich was renovated in the 1995 for the use as a museum of eduction The school like most things of those days, was a sharp contrast to anything that we imagine of Dubai today, it didnt have electricity, which means there were no fans or air-conditioners.Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque started building in 1975and finished in 1978 & opened in 1979the design is in the style of the Fatimi mosque of Egypt. It is one of the most beautiful mosque it is also known as the minaret mosque because of its giant minarets it was built by Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.


Bastakiya It is the oldest area of Dubai it was established in1890. In its prime, the locality was capable of supporting 60 housing units, most of which were separated by narrow, winding lanes. Bastakiya is named after the Iranian town of Bastak - many of the original traders in Bastakia were from Iran.It has many heritage attraction around it such as : The Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding was established in 1995 to provide a venue where tourists and expat residents can learn about and understand UAE culture and traditions through their "Open Doors Open Minds" programs,It helps us in knowing the culture & heritage and the traditional aspects of Emarate people.Naif museum

Naif Fort is the oldest police station in Dubai the construction was started in 1939 and the first ever training center for the police was started in 1956 the fort was bulid with clay material called al Madar. and now it is a museum.


In this project the major Heritage Attractions are being covered within DubaiThese are the major heritage attractions which are Dubai Creek, Jumeirah mosque,Bastakiya,Naif Museum,Dubai Museum, AL Ahmadiya School,Jumeriah Archaeological siteThese are the heritage attraction for the tourist it shows the historic and th centuryttradiotional life of A Emrati starting from