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  1. 1. Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return form 2290 online filing - Have You Filed?I own trucks with GVW over 55,000 lbs, but I do not pay taxes - how do I file?Your state will still require you show proof you filed the 2290 - even if your total tax is $0. The 2290 isnot only about payment - in your case, it is a statement that you agree you will not use your vehicle(s)more than 5000 miles (7500 miles for farming vehicles) during the tax year.The money to keep our roads running needs to come from somewhere, and a lot of the money comesfrom taxes. One such tax is the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax, a tax paid by owners of commercialvehicles that weight more than 55,000 pounds or more.The money is passed along to help statesmaintain and build new roads across the nation-as well as a variety of other purposes that benefit ourhighway systems.It Is simple to file this type of 2290 electronically. Simply indicate your vehicle(s) is/are Suspended. Thisapplies a tax of $0 and shows a weight category of "W". Most commercial vehicles drive much morethan 5000/7500 miles on public highways. If you think you may qualify for Suspended vehicle status -contact the IRS 2290 Help Line at 866-699-4096 to be certain. Filing as Suspended can cost you a lot if itis determined you do not qualify later.Dont ever miss a payment or, even worse, fail to even file your heavy highway vehicle use tax return.Late fees will be charged, and if there is suspicion that you are avoiding your tax, you can be prosecutedand subjected to fines, incarceration, or home detention.Thats just one more reason to stay up to date on your obligation to keep the nations roads runningsmoothly so we can all get business done in an efficient and timely manner. Contact i2290 to know moreabout IRS form 2290, form 2290 e file, form 2290 online filing, efile form 2290, form 2290 online, IRS efile forms, internal revenue service forms, heavy highway vehicle use tax, heavy highway vehicle use taxreturn.