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Ypo/Wpo Global Conference in Istanbul. Artcore provided Visual Development and Facilitation for the Forum orkshop


  • 1. GLC Istanbul ForumTheme developer and visual facilitation Peter MaltzFeb 2013

2. Introduction Ypo and Wpo members were invited to participate ina 3 day workshop. The format for the workshop wasa given but we upgraded it to create a highlyengaging experience. we did this by placing theworkshop in a new setting The treasure hunt. The idea derived from the place where the workshoptook place- Exotic Istanbul 3. Documents were upgraded to induce involvement 4. Unique questioners and games were developed 5. The participants planned their role on a map 6. Props added psychological engagement 7. In the treasure chest were cards, colors and other goodies 8. Secret notes bottle 9. Visual charts were emailed at the end of each day 10. Throughout the workshop I visually facilitated 11. Visual flip charts were designed 12. Each participant wrote on a boat his/her legacy from theworkshop. A fleet as created