Fun Summer Ideas: Things to Do on Summer Vacation in Ohio

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See all 5 photosSummer vacation in Ohio can be fun and exciting!Source: Theresa Hammond (WorkinItOut...


  • 1. Fun Summer Ideas: Things to Do on Summer Vacation in Ohio See all 5 photos Summer vacation in Ohio can be fun and exciting! Source: Theresa Hammond (WorkinItOut) Summer Vacation in Ohio Should Never be Boring If you can't afford to take the family away for summer or your vacation only eats up a small portion of the summer, there are many things to do right here in Ohio. In fact, you may want to sit your family down tonight and tell them that you are going to turn their entire summer into one long vacation. When you stick close to home you can stretch your vacation budget much further, making every day of the summer something exciting. You know about all the basic attractions here in Ohio. There are zoos in most major cities and some local water parks that you will definitely be visiting. You may know where to go camping in ohio, fishing in ohio, or hiking in ohio. What you may not know is what to do in Ohio when you have exhausted all of those local adventures. There are thousands of people who take an Ohio vacation every single year, so where do they go? Those are the places you should be exploring as well. This four part series on fun things to do on summer vacation in Ohio will give you some fresh ideas that are suitable for the entire family. You may have to travel to some, but traveling in state is much cheaper than traveling across the country...even with the current gas prices!
  • 2. In this first part of the guide to summer vacation in Ohio will cover four of the most popular in-state vacation destinations. Some are very affordable while others will cost more, so look around and see what a vacation in Ohio can really be. Hocking Hills State Park offers heart racing adventure, romantic getaways, and tons of family summer fun! See all 5 photos Hocking Hills State Park Every Ohio resident should pay at least one visit to Hocking Hills State Park in their lifetime. Since you can enjoy the park even on a tight budget, there is an ever-growing list of things to do there, and the comfortable Hocking Hills cottages are family-friendly, this could become your home away from home. The Hocking Hills cottages are what make the Hocking Hills State Park suitable for families. They actually feel like homes put in the middle of the woods just for you. There are different types of Hocking Hills cabins and Hocking Hills cottages, so you can choose from small cabins nestled in very remote, romantic areas of the park as well as family cottages complete with living rooms, kitchens, sleeping for six, and of course rocking chairs out on the wooden deck. You can even find Hocking Hills cabins with hot tubs if you want to go all out or want to find a romantic getaway cabin. Of course, you can find some cheap Hocking Hills cabins as well if you shop around and go at less popular times of the year. Other options for lodging in Hocking Hills include a stay at the Hocking Hills campground or taking up residence in a Hocking Hills bed and breakfast. You may also be able to find cheap motels or hotels in surrounding communities. Once you select the appropriate lodging in Hocking Hills, you can start exploring the many things to do in the park. Your older children and adults in the group may enjoy the very popular Hocking Hills zip line while the entire family may enjoy a relaxing horse ride around the park. The Hocking Hills canoe livery is always on hand for Hocking Hill rentals that will put you out on the water on a sunny day or whipping through the trees on an RV. The biggest attraction for thrill seekers are the Hocking Hills canopy tours. You can jump on the Hocking Hills zip line and see what's up in those tall, tall trees. It's not for everyone, but it adds a bit of adventure to a family vacation for those who want the heart pounding fun.
  • 3. If you have smaller children in the family, the Hocking Hills State Park can still be a great place for summer fun. You can go on driving tours through the park, get up in the air with the amazing Hocking Hills scenic air tours, and take a ride on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. Of course, just enjoying the water and the gentler trails through the woods is enough to pass the time enjoyably with children of all ages. Interested in visiting the Hocking Hills State Park? Check out this Hocking Hills map to see how expansive this park actually is: Hocking Hills Map. See all 5 photos Put in Bay Put in Bay was once a hidden treasure of Lake Erie, but today it is the summer vacation destination for millions of people from all around the world. That is very impressive considering Put in Bay Island only spans 2 miles across and 4 miles long. Before you even arrive on Put in Bay Island your family will be squealing with delight. The adventure begins with a ferry to Put in Bay. Catching a ferry to Put in Bay is not difficult, but you will need to plan ahead to find the Put in Bay ferry schedule and get tickets at a time that you can make with your entire family ready to go.
  • 4. You will also have to decide what type of Put in Bay lodging you want to secure. The options are as follows: * Put in Bay Hotels or Motels * Put in Bay Bed and Breakfast * Put in Bay Resorts * Put in Bay Cabin Rentals The best Put in Bay lodging for a family summer vacation would be the Put in Bay cabin rentals or the Put in Bay resorts. When you stay in a Put in Bay cabin you will be right in the heart of the island and won't have to worry about getting from one place to another. Put in Bay resorts like the popular Commodore Resort will be more expensive but you may have more conveniences that make your family more comfortable. Of course, Put in Bay motels and hotels are the way to go if you are on a tight budget and want to have more spending money. Once you take that fun Put in Bay ferry ride and get settled in your chosen Put in Bay lodging, it's time to head out and see what Put in Bay Island has to offer. You may want to check into Put in Bay golf cart rental if you are traveling with smaller children or babies. Since the island is small many people can walk everywhere they want to go, but it is always nice to have a golf cart to get around faster and easier. Put in bay bike rental is also an option. What to Do in Put in Bay: * Rent a boat and go out on the water. this is a great way to pass a sunny afternoon or to enjoy a romantic evening around sunrise or sunset. * Spend an afternoon fishing. Perch and walleye are lucky fish in the waters of Lake Erie. * Spend some time shopping for official Put in Bay souvenirs. * Enjoy the exciting Put in Bay bars if you can get a babysitter. The nightlife on the island is out of this world. There are many other exciting things to do on Put in Bay Island. There will be special events from time to time, so check out this website for dates and further details.
  • 5. See all 5 photos Amish Country Ohio is known for their horse and buggies, which represent the Amish lifestyle. Amish Country, Ohio Many Ohioans think of "Amish country" in Ohio as the place to purchase Amish furniture, but our Amish towns are also great places for summer day trips or for very affordable family-friendly vacations. You won't be sunning by the water like in Put in Bay or zipping through the trees on the Hocking Hills zip line, but Amish Country Ohio still offers a lot of fun for the family. You can also use a trip to Amish Country in Ohio as an educational experience. We have the largest Amish community in the country located in the towns of Walnut Creek, Berlin, and Millersburg. Buying beautiful Amish Country furniture is one perk to taking this type of vacation in Ohio, but there are many other things to do in Amish Country Ohio. You can visit the Amish Country flea markets and find some great bargains on items you won't find closer to home. You may also want to relax under a cool tree and watch the horse and buggies go clomping by. Horse drawn carriages are one of the biggest excitements for children when visiting Amish Country Ohio and it offers them an educational glimpse into this alternative lifestyle right here in Ohio. You won't have a lot of choices as far as places to stay in Amish Country, but there are always the family-friendly Amish Country cabin rentals that will help you immerse the family in the Amish way of life. Alternatively, you may choose to feel more at home in an Amish Country bed and breakfast. You can find a lot more information about lodging in Amish Country as well as information about specific destinations, right here. See all 5 photos Marblehead, Ohio Marblehead, Ohio is also along the coast of Lake Erie but it has a very different feel than Put in Bay Island. This is just a small Ohio town where people live the simple life. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in the white picket fence America that was talked about long, long ago, a trip to Marblehead Ohio could offer a variety of things to do for summer vacation in Ohio this year. Marblehead Ohio weather mirrors that of everywhere else in our state, so you can visit at different times of the year to see how beautiful the simple life is at all times. You won't find fancy beaches but you will find a working lighthouse that still serves its purpose to sailors. You won't find huge fancy Marblehead Ohio hotels, but you can enjoy the luxury of scenery lakeside Marblehead Ohio.
  • 6. The Marblehead Ohio lighthouse is clearly the main tourist attraction of this quaint town. You won't find another working lighthouse along the great lakes with the amount of history steeped behind this one. They give tours during the week so you can show your children what it's like inside a lighthouse. That is just one of the things to do for summer vacation in Ohio in this small town. There is also a nature preserve lakeside Marblehead Ohio which can be beautiful, relaxing as well as educational for the entire family. James Park is another great place to go if you want to spend some casual time bonding with your family in a small hometown park. The beautiful green grass and sheltered picnic areas are great for day trips. There are many Marblehead Ohio cabins that you can rent out in the summer and there are a variety of Marblehead restaurants that will keep you fed on homestyle cooking you might not have had in awhile. Other lodging options in Marblehead Ohio include Marblehead Ohio motels or a Marblehead Ohio bed and breakfast. If you want to escape into this beautiful small town this summer, check out their official website for details on lodging and special events. Need More Things to Do on Summer Vacation in Ohio? You now have a head start on some of the best things to do on summer vacation in Ohio, but there is still a lot more to come. In the second part of my guide to summer vacation in Ohio you will learn about the best outdoor and indoor water parks in Ohio. Check it out right here. (coming soon) Last updated on April 1, 2011 You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this article up or down.