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2. FranceCreated byMr. Raponi 3. IrelandU.K.Germany France 4. France covers 212,390Land Area sq miles, slightly smallerthan the stateof _______________ isthe largest country ofWestern Europe.A new tunnel called the________________ isbuilt under the EnglishChannel and it connectsEngland and France. 5. In the southwest, theMountains ________________ separateFrance from Spain.In the southeast the_______________ divideFrance from Italy.At 15,771 feet,________________ is one ofthe highest mountains inEurope and is located in the______________ on theborder of Italy. 6. Rivers The ____________ river which is just under 500 miles long, flows into Frances capital city of _________________. This is the major river of France and is easily ________________ which means it is both wide and deep enough for ships to use. 7. France is the largestAgriculture______________ producer inEurope.France the leading agriculturalproducer in Europe.Farmers produce Wheat Poultry Dairy Beef and pork_______________ rank as oneof the most important crops ofFrance. 8. Industry Frances natural mineral resources include1. Coal2. Iron Ore3. Bauxite French workers produce 1. Airplanes 2. Cars 3. Computers 9. People of Most French trace their ancestryto the France________________ and the_________________ of earlyEurope.They speak French and about _________ are RomanCatholic.The population of France totals__________ million people. 10. Kings ruled France forFrances History nearly ________________. In ________ the French people overthrew their last king. They set up a_______________, a government where people elect all important government officials. 11. Paris itself is home toParis_______ million people.Frances literacy rate is__________ which showsthe countrys emphasison education.This city is home to someof the best knownbuildings, museums, andartwork in the entireworld. 12. Tourists from all over theTourism in world visit FrancesFrance historic and cultural sites. Each year, millions of tourists go to the capital Paris, also known as the City of _____________. They visit such places as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the home of the Mona Lisa, The Louvre Museum.